DC Unchained Guide – Unlocking Characters, Joining Guilds, Understanding Valorium (Tips And Tricks)

Ready to assemble the Justice League? Take part and excel in battles you undertake in DC Unchained for iOS and Android. Follow our DC Unchained Guide to get the job done. With the help of our DC Unchained Guide, you will be able to understanding some basic concepts in the game in a better way.

Our DC Unchained Beginners Guide will outline Family Cards, Character Affinity, Valorium, Guilds, and Base Development. If you find anything missing or confusing, be sure to let us know in the comments section below!

DC Unchained Guide

With a cast of 30 unlockable characters, you can take part in some cool missions in the game. Moreover, there is tonne of story-based objectives to be completed. If you are done with all that, you also have the opportunity to battle against players globally.

However, to catch up on all that excitement, you first need to figure out the features and systems at play here. Our DC Unchained Guide will help you get a good understanding of the game and the core mechanisms.

Unlocking Characters and Leveling Them

There are various ways of unlocking new characters. You get a special ‘Character Unlocker’ the first time you install the game. Moreover, you get one after completing the beginner quests in the game. Alternatively, the ability to do so is also obtained after completing certain one-time events of the game.

Although this can be a grind, you can use gems or cash ($20 for each character, harsh, right?) to assist you. However, do not worry too much about unlocking characters. The ones you get early on namely Flash, Harley Quinn, etc. can do the job quite well. Maybe if you are committed enough to the game, you will be unlocking more and more characters as you progress.

You will be able to level up your character rank after a set number of upgrades to your stats. This arises with the help of Family Cards that you can check out right below. Once you have boosted your stats enough that you can rank up, you can achieve a significant rise in your overall stats of the character.

Family Cards

Family Cards are a particular resource coming in two categories: Gold and Silver. These help you upgrade your character’s skills and hence boosting their stats. Gold Family Cards will upgrade skills and bring them to a higher level compared to silver ones.

Family Cards are obtained via certain Story Missions or as a reward for completing Daily Challenges. Alternatively, you can accomplish achievements or go through the guide to help you earn more cards.

You also obtain something called Family Cards Tickets in the process. These help you upgrade multiple characters within a ‘Family’. The characters are categorized as families in this manner: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern, etc.

Therefore, if you have received the Batman Family Card Ticket, you can upgrade all characters affiliated/associated with him. These include The Joker, Harley Quinn, etc.


If you are willing to spend about a thousand coins, you will be able to produce a comic book cover corresponding to each character in the game. These covers, apart from their amazing visual style, boost stats for each respective character. The covers are also received as rewards for completing the many modes and accessing the many features in the game.


Since each mission and objective consumes a certain amount of character stamina, you will may want to take a break from playing every once in a while. Thankfully, if you are way too addicted and DC Unchained is your drug, then you don’t have to experience the withdrawal symptoms.

This is because you can switch to a different team within the game. DC Unchained has three available options for Teams/Factions: Heroes, Villains, and Alliance (team of some heroes and villains).

Additionally, you can drink up Stamina Potions that you receive as reward from many game modes. This will ensure you are never a moment away from the game so will in turn mean you are in for complete crisis. No seriously, you could put down the game for a bit, no harm. Give your heroes are break… some of them after all are humans except Superman or Wonder Woman… or whatever.


These special stones, when equipped, boosts a certain attribute of your character. These are earnable through a playthrough of campaign missions and objectives of other modes. To upgrade them to ensure better results in battle, you need the Refined Mineral as the raw material.

Refined Minerals will be obtained upon completion of certain mission stages and achievements. In addition, Valorium comes with its unique boost to specific attributes. Therefore, if you do not need any, why not dismantle them? What this could do is provide Refined Minerals that are hard to come by and so you can use them to upgrade the Valorium you do need.

Character Affinity
A core mechanic of the game that plays a role in the combat. The concept works this way: speed beats energy, energy beats power, and finally power beats speed.

Therefore, it is particularly useful before engaging in battle with a particular enemy, to see the symbol above their heads. This will give you the info regarding their affinities and so you can use a character that can combat or tackle that attribute.


The social features of DC Unchained can help you a lot when it comes to deeper levels of the game. Most game modes will allow you to team up with your friends in the guild so you can take out the enemy much easier.

The Unchained Mode e.g. will have you playing cooperatively. Additionally, the rewards collected via teamwork are far higher than doing it all on your own. For e.g. you get 30 Honor Points per days when you play the Unchained Mode. Honor Points, for those unfamiliar, can be exchanged for Family Cards and Character Unlockers.

If you are thinking of making a guild on your own, do not. Unless you have 500,000 coins to spare or you are at Player Level 4, you really do not want this or cannot really. We recommend joining an active guild with a decent number of members.

Base Development

Dispatch Center would allow you to play Dispatch Missions to receive XP, Gold, and other items. Other facilities like the Valorium and Cover Labs will produce respective resources.

Building Module will help you unlock and upgrade buildings. Buildings upgrade cost coins that increase in amount after each successful upgrade.

This is all we have in our DC Unchained Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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