Dbrand Taunts Sony With Its New PS5 Darkplates Lineup

Dbrand has come out swinging with a new lineup of skins called Darkplates that PlayStation 5 owners can purchase to customize their beloved consoles.

“Go ahead, sue us,” reads the official product page which is Dbrand more or less encouraging Sony Interactive Entertainment to file a class-action lawsuit against the Canada-based company for copyright infringement.

The bold marketing ploy further notes that the new PS5 Darkplates are “totally legal” and suggests that Sony will have to set up an extra special legal team to take up the case against Dbrand in court.

There are two PS5 Darkplates to choose from at the time of writing: white and matte black. Each plate features a nearly-microscopic texture on the inside which is somewhat inspired by the PlayStation icons found etched on the bodies of PS5 and its DualSense controller. Dbrand describes it as “a familiar-but-legally-distinct apocalyptic spin on the classic PlayStation button shapes.”

The PS5 Darkplates lineup also includes an optional skin for the middle section of the console. There are seven to choose from with both matte black and matte white available to match the custom plates themselves. Then there is neon yellow, triple black, redcode, robot camo, and silicon to choose from.

PS5 Darkplates however do not come cheap. A single set of custom plates costs $50 excluding shipping. Adding a middle skin raises the tally by another $10. The first three waves of products have already sold out for the months of February, March, and April within just a few hours. Pre-orders are being taken right now for the fourth wave which ships out in May with a fifth wave pending confirmation for June.

A few weeks before PlayStation 5 was set to launch last year, a United Kingdom-based company began selling custom faceplates which too sold out within hours. Sony however not only forced the company to change its name from PlateStation 5 but also shut it down for trademark infringement.

Whether Sony gears up to take on Dbrand and its PS5 Darkplates lineup remains to be seen.

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