DayZ Standalone Update 0.49 Might Bring Farming And Gardening

DayZ update 0.48 is not out until August 13, it’s said to be bringing some fixes to the melee combat, container content, global voice manipulation and a few camera clipping issues. In addition, it’ll add persistent containers as well.

While 0.48 is just known be to bringing some needed fixes, DayZ Standalone Update 0.49 is a more hefty August update. Supposedly, the update will add Farming/Gardening option for the players to explore.

In a game like this where every source of food is an integral part of survival, Giving players an alternative source of food will be really helpful as in DayZ you can starve to death or pass out due to hunger.

The Developer has also added swine to the game, which means you might be able to settle down and start your own swine farm instead of running around scavenging for a food source.

Previously, update 0.47 which rolled out last week brought some fixes to the branch servers.

The update 0.49 is expected sometime at the end of August, at the moment nothing more about the update is known and we will have to wait until the end of the month.

DayZ Standalone is an open world survival horror hybrid-MMO, currently in its alpha stage and is available for download on Steam, for $29.99.

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