DayZ Relaunches On PC On A New Engine, Due In “A Couple Of Weeks”

A few months after the announcement that DayZ is finally coming out of Early Access, Bohemia Interactive has more interesting information to share with us. The latest report says that Dayz is getting relaunched on pc on a new engine and we’ll be able to check it out in “a couple of weeks”.

The statement comes from  Eugen Harton, lead producer at developers Bohemia who got the chance to talk with PCGamesN during ID@Xbox. According to PCGamesN Harton didn’t reveal if the relaunch is setting the game back from leaving Early Access however the studio is confident about the change. He said:

“We’re releasing DayZ on a new engine in a couple of weeks on PC, and it’s gonna be coming to Game Preview on Xbox this year. That’s basically our aim. I would almost say it’s a reboot on PC.”

“As soon as the PC beta is headed in a way we like, we’re still committed to bringing DayZ to Xbox, where we have a large community of gamers patiently waiting for a truly hardcore online survival game,”

DayZ was a hit back when it first appeared on Steam and managed to create its own community with hardcore players. The game has defined the survival genre and created the road on which many other successful titles walked on. Harton believes that  DayZ will manage to relive its glory days:

 “It might not become a mainstream thing, but that’s not our customer. I’m okay with that. I know what game I’m making – I don’t want to appeal to everybody. I still feel like we have not hit our peak. This is the year of DayZ.”

Interestingly, Harton’s ambitions aren’t about beating PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Fortnite’s success since he believes that their game has a completely different audience. Do you believe that DayZ will manage to get back its fair share of players when its relaunch is done?

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