DayZ Enters Beta After 3 Years, Steam Reviews Mostly Negative

DayZ is now entering beta; the game released as an early access title back in December 2013. According to the game’s creators, they are ready for the beta and will be making some changes and improvements to the DayZ.

DayZ has been in the Alpha for a long time and throughout its Early Access phase developers have made a number of changes, additions, and fixes to the game. The next update is called .62 which will make more changes to the game. However, it is update .63 that will push DayZ into beta after 3 years.

As we are continuing to work on 0.63 version AKA BETA, programmers are getting rid of old systems down the road. Lastly, old player has been completely removed internally, and with it also firearms handling (that includes firearms action like chambering, reloading, shooting… etc.) and aiming model (which means sway, recoil, dexterity, aiming, holding breath…), together with melee fighting (traced swings…) are gone forever as these were integral parts of the old player.

DayZ came as a mod for ARMA 2 but eventually turned into its own game. DayZ is available on Steam for $29. After spending 3 years in Early Access, the game is struggling to maintain its popularity and user base. Steam reviews are mostly negative while another game called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is celeberating tremendous success with 2 Million copies sold.

Final build is still a long way off so don’t expect a full release anytime soon. Bohemia Interactive is also working on console versions but isn’t ready to give an ETA. Have you played the game? What are your thoughts and suggestions for the developers? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: DayZ

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