DayZ Development Team Doubles in Size; New Cooking System on the Way

Bohemia Interactive has double its work force to focus on the popular online survival game DayZ, as its creator Dean “Rocket” Hall prepares to step down.

Posting on the game’s development blog, Hall said that the increased size of the development team will ensure that they reach their acquired targets. He himself though will be relinquishing the head position by the end of this year and start a new studio in New Zealand.

Last week Hall’s team posted about their objectives for 2014 that included improving the game’s lighting by having torches emit a proper light source, adjusting lootable fridges to become full inventories, increasing the presence of zombies over all and fixing some of their issues, like walking through walls.

Most importantly though, DayZ is going to get a physics system. The implementation of this new system will allow players to throw items and it will also bring in the ragdoll effect. Other items on their agenda include plans for bows and arrows, new buildings, hunting and cooking, fixing server desync, improving overall stability and more.

A new cooking system that is “heavily inspired by the outstanding cooking system in Project Zomboid” will also be added. This will allow you to turn your cooking device on (a fireplace or stove) and then place items in it. Items will slowly heat up and become “cooked” when they reach the required heat, or become something else, like soup. “We’re very excited by the possibilities for this system,” Hall said.

Finally Hall mentioned that there is a lot that is going on right now and Bohemia will release a complete roadmap for the rest of the year “very soon.”

Source DayZ Development Blog

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