Days Gone Trust Guide

Trust in Days Gone is an important aspect of the game. As Deacon, you need to build up a trust relationship with NPCs of different camps. Doing so will allow you to gain hold of better upgrades in the game. In this Days Gone Trust Guide, you’ll learn about the importance of trust, increasing the level of trust between different camps, and reaching max trust.

Days Gone Trust

In order to gain trust, you’ll have to give back to the community. You should try bringing resources to your camps, complete missions NPCs assign you and work for them until they are satisfied.

After the Trust Level reaches a certain point, the camp will allow you to buy resources from the vendors who have stalls in the camp. These vendors are really important, as they have resources which are not easy to find outside.

Therefore, instead of giving all the resources to a single camp, try to distribute them among multiple camps so you could use them all when the need arises. The camp happily accepts resources like Meat, Plants, and Bounties.

Why Increase Trust?

The world of Days Gone is unforgiving and you need to find every help you can get. During the early game, you’ll need to upgrade your equipment and weapons to be effective and the best place to do it is your camp.

Therefore, you should always try to build trust with camps’ NPCs in order to gain access to these upgrades.

Your main means of transport in Days Gone is your bike. If you desire to upgrade your bike with say a Saddlebag upgrade, the main source of such upgrades is Camp Vendors.

Moreover, refueling is also possible at the mechanic located at different camps.

When you’ve no connections with any camp, you’ll notice that you’ve limited options to acquiring resources (fuel, bike repairs, and ammo), but once you start building relations and trust with camps, you get access to a variety of resources and upgrades.

Fastest Ways to Build Trust with Camps

  • Bounties: As we have mentioned in our Freaker Ears collecting guide, you can turn in bounties collected from Freaker Ears or the ones that you get as a part of the missions and you will build trust.
  • Marauder Camps & Infestations: To gain quick and easy trust, make sure to clear those marauder camps and infestation nests that you see on your map.
  • Side Events: One of the fastest ways to earn good trust with minimal effort is through those ambient events that you can see as blue question mark on the mini-map. These events are time bound so you have to reach to the event location on the map before it disappears.
  • Clearing the Hordes: This one is another straight forward way to build more trust quickly but is as much tough, you will see these hordes on the map as final missions. They will be easy to clear once you have achieved trust level 3 which you can do by completing the game’s main story.

Reaching Camp Trust Level 3

Although reaching Trust Level 3 is not compulsory but you’ll realize that it’s really helpful in the long run. For this to happen you’ll have to complete all Optional Mission given by the camp members.

Max Trust Tips

A lot of missions directly or indirectly involve the camps, therefore, if you successfully complete those missions, you’d gain Trust Level 1 in each camp automatically. You’ll reach Level 1 anyway through the main storyline for all camps.

Optional Missions
Often, the camps call for assistance and if you respond to their request and complete it, they’d be happy and would reward you with access to whatever resources they have. Try to complete Side Missions involving camps!

Dynamic Events
Sometimes, you’ll run into random situations where certain camp members are in trouble and you’d have the option to intervene or ignore.

For example, the kidnapping of a camp member or you come across a camp member being tied along the road. At these moments, you should intervene, fight, and eliminate the aggressor to build trust with different camps.

Lastly, try to collect Freaker Ears and hand them to the Bounty Stands. After killing a Freaker, you can collect Bounties from the body that you could donate to the camp.

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