Days Gone Survival Guide Tips

These Days Gone Survival Tips will help you fill in the shoes of Deacon St. John with some basic and somewhat advanced tips for those who yet to find their footing in the post-apocalyptic world. We’ll go through different mechanics and aspects of Deacon’s character and the world of the game. Do note that some of these Days Gone Beginners Tips will probably be obvious but there’s something for everyone.

Days Gone Survival Tips

In Days Gone, your primary task is to stay alive and complete objectives. Survival revolves around three factors i.e. Stamina, Focus, and the most vital is your Health. Other factors also play a key role like the utilities that the game provides. Let’s delve into these factors one by one.


Stamina is a really important aspect of every game as it determines how long you can sprint. Sprinting and dodging in Days Gone is key as you could be ambushed or chased by cultists or zombies.

At moments, you’d be forced to rely on Stamina and skills to counter the attack. A blue line at bottom-left of the screen indicates stamina.


Focus is a lethal ability that Deacon possesses. Using Focus, you can slow down time and accurately aim and blow your targets’ heads off.

Nero Checkpoints

Health, once again, is a vital feature in every game. In Days Gone, health can be recovered using various healing equipment. HP indicates how much blows you could take and is represented by a red bar at bottom-left of the screen.

The game also allows you to increase the stats of your player. At random NERO Checkpoints, you could find Injector Technology that helps you to boost your stats.

The Nero Injectors are found in the white crates at the Nero sites. Once injected, these can increase the stat of your choice by 25% each time you inject it. So it can increase your HP, Stamina or focus

One thing about these checkpoints is that you need to turn on the generators to open the door but when you do so it turns on everything, even the speakers which in turn attract the hordes of Freakers. To avoid this you need to climb up the towers with speakers and hold square to cut the wire using your boot blade. In case you can reach the speaker you can shoot it down with your supressed weapon.

NERO Checkpoints never get low on resources so whenever you need meds or kerosene or anything, all you need to do is to fast travel to the nearest Nero Checkpoint and restock on whatever you need.


Vantage points are really useful at moments when you are planning an attack on the enemy or want to find out more about your surroundings. You could locate enemy points and traps which they have set-up by using vantage points.

Weather and Time

Like every realistic game, Days Gone also has dynamic weather. Weather not only affects the player but also the temperament and behavior of the enemy will also change according to the weather and time.

Therefore, be careful while targeting enemies!

Farming Supplies

While exploring, look carefully for stashes of ammunition and supplies that are hidden at random spots. Investigate infrastructure and parked cars as well.

Enemy Types

You’ll have to deal with human enemies during the daytime. These people consider any outsider as enemies and have set up traps – be careful while exploring! You can find them in camps in abandon areas.

If you want to explore at night, you should eliminate Zombie Hordes or Freaker Nests during the day so that you aren’t eaten alive during your night strolls. If you don’t feel like going out during the night, you can rest or sleep at the safehouse.

Take Care of Drifter Bike

The best and the most the efficient means of transport in Days Gone is Deacon’s motorcycle. It consumes a lot of fuel, thus, be vigilant about fuel consumption.

You don’t want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere with no fuel and tons of enemies approaching. By upgrading your bike with Saddlebags, you achieve the capacity to carry extra equipment like ammunition and supplies.

The vehicle you use can be fuelled up at any filling station if you park your vehicle right beside the filling pump and keep the engine idle. This way you can continuously use the bike to travel.


In order to craft items, you’ll need different sort of Crafting Materials that can be found by exploring different locations of the map. Through crafting, you could lure enemies into traps thus eliminating them without any combat.

As you progress through the game, you’ll notice that the enemies continue to get smarter and tougher to deal with. This is where crafting traps, weapons, and utilizing skills comes into play.

Tactics and Skills

Days Gone expects you to use more brain and less firepower. In most of the enemy hideouts, there are gas cylinders that can be blown to eliminate all nearby enemies. You can inflict a lot of damage through these cylinders.

Stealth element is very useful to suppress enemy firepower. If you see loads of enemies, try to finish them off but with a pinch of stealth. Try to use nearby materials to distract enemies, throw a stone on the parked car to sound the alarm, etc.

Sometimes you might get cornered by freakers when you are on your bike but that shouldn’t be very problematic as you can shoot as you ride the bike and clear the way in front of you or if they are chasing you. All you need to do is to tap L1 key to bring out the secondary weapon and shoot with R1 when the crosshair gets concise.

Even though grinding is very important for the survival but there is another way you can gather lots of plants and meat but you need to earn the trust of nearby campers by getting the Green Thumb and Butcher Skill.

Finish the activities in the nearby regions and sell plants and meat in the kitchen quite seldom. This way the skills will unlock and you will earn the trust much quicker along with the amount of plants and skills you acquire.


Weapons are essential for survival in Days Gone and therefore you need to not only buy them but store them so you can retrieve them later and use them. Some weapons will become available only at a certain point in the game as you advance through but you can still purchase them only after gaining enough trust and credit points with the camps.

Turn in bounties, sending saved strangers their way and completing quests for them can earn you their trust. The weapons can be purchased from the camp, more specifically the 2nd camp you encounter in the start of the game will be your first weapon buying spot

Only the guns you own can be retrieved from the lockers that are found in different locations in the game. For instance, if you drop or leave a gun anywhere you can just retrieve it from the lockers found in:

  • Deacons Safehouse
  • NERO checkpoint
  • Camp Merchant
  • Ambush Camp Bunkers

General Days Gone Survival Tips and Tricks

  • Place booby traps to incapacitate the enemy.
  • Use the element of stealth to surprise the enemy.
  • Try to locate and finish off sniper as fast as possible.
  • Use explosives to eliminate large groups of enemies.
  • Use Molotov to burn and slow the enemy group approaching.
  • Weapons can be bought and found from dead bodies enemy hideouts.
  • Mark enemies before attacking, this would make the attack more organized.
  • Burn nests and destroy human camps this will break the backbone of your enemy.
  • Try to find clues and trails of enemies so you could follow and later finish them from behind.
  • Gain the trust of nearby camps so that they could provide you with supplies and other equipment and help during the time of need.
  • In a group of Freakers an annoying zombie is the screamer that screams and summons backup. Don’t forget to eliminate it first!
  • Use Melee Weapons when at close range instead of wasting ammo. Melee Weapons are much more silent thus attracting less nearby enemies.
  • Try to complete objectives, earn XP to level up, and purchase new skills. Each level up gives you 1 Skill Point. Skills are useful in order to balance the power between you and your enemies. The more skills you possess the better you will perform in combat.
  • Beware of wild animals while exploring in the wild. Animals like wolves never attack alone rather with a whole pack. They’ll attack one after the other so kill the first one and try to locate others. The shotgun is a weapon that should be used while combating wild animals.
  • Burn the hordes and nests of freakers to enable you to fast travel through them as otherwise you won’t be able to.
  • Humans are no less than the freakers you have to deal will so always look out for the human snipers and booby traps they set for you. Trip wires etc can be located on the ground whereas snipers can be located using the lasers they point on you.

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