Days Gone Best Skills Guide

You’ll need to make every bullet count in Days Gone, especially when you’re often facing hordes of the undead. To always be on the front footing, your character will need to involve via active and passive abilities. In our Days Gone Best Skills Guide, we’ll be taking a detailed look at all the skill trees in the game and will also give you some suggestions about which skills to unlock first.

Days Gone Best Skills

In Days Gone, there are three skill trees i.e. Melee, Ranged, and Survival. Before we delve into them, it should be known that players are rewarded XP for completing Main Missions, Side Missions, zombie eliminations, and leveling up.

You can then choose to spend this XP or Skill Points on abilities. Below are all the skill/ability trees in Days Gone

Melee Skills

As the name suggests, when you’re up close against your foes, with a knife or a different melee weapon, you’ll need all the damage and movement speed you can get.

Melee Skill Effects/Tips

Escape Artist When grabbed by an opponent, immediately escape and get a chance to counter attack.
Field Repairs Repair melee weapons via pieces of scrap.
Juice Up Increases initial regeneration and duration of Endurance Cocktail.
Hard-headed Increases melee weapon damage output.
Busted Up Regenerates endurance after eliminating an opponent with melee strikes.
Talk Shit, Get Hit Tack on extra hits to your move, extending combos.
Lightning Reflexes Roll and get up quickly after getting knocked down.
Bull Rush Stun an enemy by performing a melee attack while sprinting.
Reckoning Melee attack may result in a critical hit.
Just Roll With It Less endurance consumed upon doing a roll.
Rock On Stun an enemy by throwing a stone at them.
Retribution Critical hit chances from a melee strike are increased by 25%.
Switch It Up Knife deals more damage.
Executioner Perform an insta-kill when hiding from the opponent.

Ranged Skills

Making use more of your firearms, these skills allow you to reload and aim more efficiently while going for maximum damage.

Ranged Skills Effects/Tips

Focus Shot Slows time when aiming.
Fight and Flight Higher precision when aiming while moving.
Vicious Cycle Allows you to use a ranged weapon right after performing a melee attack.
Suppression Fire In focus mode, you can sometimes stun enemies even with weak shots.
Crowd Control Focus regenerated much faster.
Hyper Focus Increases initial regeneration and duration of Focus Cocktail.
On the Move Allows you to reload weapons while sprinting.
Iron Grip Weapon recoil lowered significantly.
Knocked Up Crossbow bolts deal more damage.
Under Pressure In focus mode, reloading weapons doesn’t consume focus anymore.
Quick Reload Reloading speed of weapons increased.
Deadshot Accuracy of firearms increased.
Off the end Capacity for firearms increased.
Two Birds, One Bullet Normal rounds now have armor-piercing properties, so those behind the target will also get damaged.
Headrush Regenerate health upon execution of a headshot.


At the end of the day, it’s about making out of it alive. This is one of the more important branches of progression since skills in this category allow you to handle inventory better and search for useful resources more effectively.

Think of Survival Abilities allowing you to explore more efficiently.

Survival Skills Effects/Tips

Eye for Detail Icons appear for a longer duration in Survival Vision.
Hawkeye Nearby plants will be indicated on the mini-map.
Thorn In Your Side Retrieve used crossbow bolts.
Eagle-eyed Survival Vision range increased.
Thief In the Night Lowers noise while moving.
Green Thumb Collect double the amount of ingredients you normally would from a plant.
Butcher Collect more meat from animals.
Catch a Breath Endurance regeneration is quicker.
Air To Ground Survival Vision is improved so you can detect nearby enemies.
Monkey Wrench Doubles scrap efficiency for motorcycle.
Second Wind At critically low HP, you can use an extra shot of adrenaline.
Carry That Weight Inventory space increased for materials and resources.
Alchemist Increases initial regeneration and duration of Health Cocktail.
Shape Up Endurance regeneration rate increased significantly.
Six Feet Over Endurance restores while taking damage.

Best Skills to Learn First in Days Gone

Best Melee Skills

Following are the best Melee skills to acquire

Field Repairs
The “Field Repairs” skill is pretty useful since it essentially means you can continue repairing and using a melee weapon as long as you can find scrap (which is very abundant).

This will ensure your weapon (especially if you’ve upgraded it) doesn’t ever go obsolete. When making every melee strike count, increase chances of a critical hit by 25% with “Retribution” skill.

Therefore, in 1 out of 4 cases, you’ll be landing that crit and dealing with the enemy quickly.

This skill will allow you to permanently gain rare finds like Machetes and Fire Axes through the crafting system. However, make sure the durability does not fall to zero as it will cause the weapon to break regardless.

Just Roll With It
Under Melee Combat, the best skill to have is the ‘Just Roll With it’. This skill will enhance your ability to dodge the enemy without having to compromise much on stamina.

Busted Lip
This skill will help you get a certain amount of stamina back as you manage to kill an enemy. Having this skill can pull you back from dying even with the slightest stamina it provides.

Hard Hitter, Talk Shit, Get Hit
Hard Hitter will help to increase damage caused by crafted or found melee weapons. This skill comes in handy, especially when you face Newt Spirals or Freakers from hell.

Use this skill to combine with Talk Shit and Get Hit for an amazing combination.

Best Ranged  Skills    

Following are the best Ranged Skills to obtain first.

Focus Shot, Fight and Flight, On the Move
Since you’ll be wanting to get rid of enemies quickly and using the least amount of ammo as possible, the “Focus Shot” is a must-have ability.

While aiming, pressing L3 will allow you to slow down time with this skill, so you can execute headshots more accurately.

You’ll also want to unlock both the “Fight and Flight” and “On the Move” skills to get you better results with your weapons while moving.

The former lets you be more accurate with a non-stationary aim while the latter lets you reload on the go. This is particularly useful against hordes of Freakers that you can just run than take head-on.

Two Birds, One Bullet
While playing the game for the first few hours, you’ll encounter and combat small groups named Freakers. But as the game proceeds, you’ll be facing relatively bigger groups named Hordes.

To fight Hordes, you’ll need this skill. It will help the bullet pierce through the Freakers and strike the ones behind. It will increase the number of freaks you kill with a lesser number of bullets. This will really become a beneficial skill when the ground gets crowded with enemies.

Head Rush
With every headshot made while acquiring this skill, you’ll recover your health.

Crowd Control
This skill doesn’t necessarily help you with your precision however it makes combatting easier by reducing cooldown of Focus. When paired with the Under Pressure Skill, it will reload weapons avoiding the drainage of Focus.

Best Survival Skills

Catch a Breath, Shape Up, Six Feet Over
For exploration purposes, the Hawkeyed skill is essential since plants allow you to craft items, gain trust levels and credits for selling them.

Since you start with pretty low stamina, you’ll need to work on that to ensure you’re not getting caught up by hordes of zombies. To sprint for longer periods, unlock “Catch a Breath”, “Shape Up”, and “Six Feet Over” so you can regenerate your endurance quickly.

Eagle Eyed, Ear to the Ground skill
Eagle Eyed skill is one of the essential skills in order find various locations from a distance. Acquiring this skill will increase the range of your survival vision and help you scout locations and potential items from a distance while you take cover and secretly pass areas.

Ear to the Ground Skill on the other hand will make sure you don’t run out of items and supplies making it easy for you to sneak out.

Carry That Weight
Having a lot of space in you inventory is an essential survival skill. Having this skill, you’ll have so much more space to store your traps, throwables and components for crafting. Having these items in your inventory is always a great help when encountering Freaker infestations and marauders.

Thief in The Night
This skill will silence your movement while walking, bending or moving. It will significantly help in dodging the Freakers that are highly sensitive towards any sound.

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