Every Days Gone Side Quest Has A “Context”, No Fetch Quests Or Time Trials

Open world games often feature repetitive fetch quests but, things are gradually changing as we have seen with games such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Sony bend has also revealed that every Days Gone side quest will have a context or a meaning.

In the latest issue of GameInformer, the studio revealed that the every Days Gone side quest has a context and there will no time trial in any quest nor there will be any fetch quests.

Not only that, the studio has also revealed that the game will have multiple endings depending on player choices. Player choices will matter throughout the game and these choices can potentially result in different endings.

In related news, Days Gone seems to be working on another AAA title if the job listing is to be believed. According to the job listing for Sony Bend, the studio is looking for Senior Staff Gameplay Programmer to join their “passionate team in creating a new AAA PlayStation 4 exclusive”.

What is interesting is that the listing also reveals that the Senior Staff Gameplay Programmer should have experience with current and next-gen consoles which might indicate that the studio is already developing using PS5 dev kits and the upcoming title might be coming to PlayStation 5.

Speaking of the game, the devs have revealed that hope is the central theme that drives the Days Gone forward.

The story is going to be about exploring Deacon as he moves through the world, how he changes, and one of our big themes is hope. Even if you live in the shit, how do you get out of that and how do you make a life worth living?

Days Gone is a PlayStation 4 exclusive game in development at Sony Bend Studio.

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