Days Gone Sequel Reportedly Scrapped By Sony

Sony Interactive Entertainment has reportedly decided to cancel plans for a potential Days Gone sequel on PlayStation 5.

According to a report by Bloomberg earlier today, Sony has shifted gears to increase focus on exclusive blockbusters but which has impacted its first-party “niche” studios like Sony Bend. The developer is said to have pitched a Days Gone sequel back in 2019 but which received no approval.

The report further states that despite the original Days Gone being profitable on PlayStation 4, “its development had been lengthy and critical reception was mixed” at launch. Sony hence decided that a Days Gone sequel (Days Gone 2) was not a “viable option” for a next-generation audience.

Sony Bend has since then turned to a brand new game which remains to be announced. However, not before many staffers were assigned by Sony to assist Naughty Dog on a multiplayer game as well as a new Uncharted game, the latter of which may or may not be cancelled at the time of writing.

The rising internal chaos and lack of direction has already seen many key departures. Notably, directors John Garvin and Jeff Ross left Sony Bend in December after being part of the studio since its origin a couple of decades ago.

Days Gone was the first original intellectual property of Sony Bend in the same window. It goes without saying that its success should have paved way for more than the departure of senior creatives.

Days Gone was released on PlayStation 4 in April 2019 and will land on PC in the coming months. There will be PC-specific features to look forward to such as support for ultrawide displays and unlocked frame-rates which should work in tandem to output more than 60 frames per second at higher resolutions as long as the hardware is able.

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