Days Gone Second DLC Challenge Out Now, Endless Waves of Human Enemies

Days Gone second DLC challenge is now available for players to try on PlayStation 4. The game’s second challenge is a treat for those players who enjoy killing non-infected enemies.

The second Days Gone DLC challenge will put players against waves of human Marauder enemies. To survive and complete the challenge, players will have to use dropped enemy weapons, surroundings, and environmental traps.

Starting today, players will be able to earn medals by complete this new challenge and compete with friends via online leaderboards. Furthermore, players will be rewarded with unique rewards for completing this challenge.

Challenge rewards include new characters, accents, and rings, etc. So what are you waiting for? play Days Gone again today for endless fun.

For those who don’t know, developer Sony Bend Studio has announced that they will be releasing a new challenge every week for 12 weeks to give players new things to do in the game after they have finished the story.

Days Gone previous challenge called “Surrounded” arrived last week. The first challenge involved endless Horde of Freakers going after Deacon St John (the protagonist of the game). To survive, players needed to use weapons and environmental troops, etc.

With that said, we can expect the release date of next Days Gone DLC challenge to be set for next Friday with interesting new objectives and rewards.

Days Gone version 1.21 update is now also available which fixes various bugs of the game as follows.

Progression Issues

  • Lisa will not get stuck on the house terrain during the mission ”Lots Of Sick People”
  • After finishing the objective in “You Don’t Want to Know”, you should be able to properly loot your bounty

General Fixes

  • Picking up and swapping weapons on the ground has been changed to the “Triangle” button
  • A fix has added to fade away the Stat Upgrade and Trust Level banner from the player’s UI
  • Swarmers and the Horde should now vault through windows properly
  • The Breaker’s AI should function correctly when traps are utilized
  • Leaving flashback missions should now retain your melee weapon and proper ammo count
  • Rendering issue has been resolved with a certain set of NPCs
  • Localization fixes
  • Various bug fixes and miscellaneous crash fixes

SIE Bend Studios’ Days Gone continues to do well in terms of sales despite the mediocre reviews. As we reported before, Days Gone was the best selling game for April and May 2019.

Days Gone is exclusively available for PlayStation 4. The cast of Days Gone includes Sam Witwer (from Star Wars franchise.), who plays the role of Deacon St John.

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