Days Gone PC Requires 70 GB Space, Features Unlocked Frame-Rates And Improved Graphics

The surprising announcement of Days Gone coming to PC has now been followed by its official PC requirements as well as PC-specific features.

According to the official Steam listing from earlier today, Days Gone will require at least 70 GB of storage space on PC which is actually more than what the game originally required on PlayStation 4 before being shrunk down to just 38 GB.

Days Gone will further require an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 580 to run at recommended settings alongside an Intel Core i7 4770K or Ryzen 5 1500X processor. 16 GB of RAM has also been recommended as well as using a solid-state drive for reduced loading times.

Coming to PC-specific features, developer Bend Studio will be adding support for ultrawide displays and unlocked frame-rates which should work in tandem to output more than 60 frames per second at higher resolutions as long as the hardware is able. Days Gone will also featured improved graphics on PC with increased level of details, field of view, and foliage draw distances.

The Steam listing in addition confirms Steam Achievements and full controller support which ascertains that players will be able to use a DualSense controller on Steam to play the game. Whether the developer will be ensuring that players get to experience haptic feedback sensations on PC remains to be seen.

Days Gone is now the second PlayStation 4 game to be ported over PC. Horizon Zero Dawn being the first. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed that there will be “a whole slate ofโ€ PlayStation games landing on PC during the current console generation. The notion has just made previous rumors about Bloodborne coming to PC a bit believable.

Days Gone will be releasing on PC somewhere in spring. Expect Bend Studio to show the game running on PC in the coming days before announcing the final release date.

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