Days Gone Lost Lake Collectibles Locations Guide

This Days Gone Lost Lake Collectibles Locations Guide will list all the collectibles in Lost Lake region along with how to find them. In Lost Lake, you’ll find 11 Character Collectibles, 6 Nero Intel, 5 Tourism Collectibles, and Guitarist Camps alongside Herbology Plants, and Historical Markers.

Days Gone Lost Lake Collectibles Locations

Some of the collectibles in Days Gone are unmissable and are automatically collected during the course of Main Story but others can be missed. In this Days Gone, we’ve shared the locations of all the collectibles found in the Lost Lake.

Even if you miss some, you can always return to the area with the missed collectibles and get them. Before we begin, the different type of collectibles found in Days Gone are:

  • Character Collectibles
  • Nero Intel
  • Sarah’s Lab Notes
  • Radio Free Oregon
  • Colonel Garret’s Speeches
  • R.I.P. Sermons
  • Tourism Collectibles
  • Historical Markers
  • Herbology Plants
  • Camp Guitarists
  • Anarchist Cairns

Character Collectibles Locations

There are a total of 11 Character Collectibles in this area and below you’ll find the locations of all of them:

Character Collectible #11 and #12
You can find it inside your house, just to the right of your bed and behind your couch. There will be a boozer character card and a second one.

Character Collectible #18 and #17
#18 is on the first floor of the main building and then get #17 by going up upstairs and collecting it from a table.

Character Collectible #20 and #19
Another Character Card is Eddy’s card that you can find in the medical building. Like the other building, one is on the first floor and the other is upstairs.

Character Collectible #15 and #16
Character Cards #15 and #16 can be found in Skizzo’s house.

Character Collectible #13 and #14
#13 and #14 are in a building at the southern part of this area. #13 will be on a table while #14 will be behind a door just around the corner.

Character Collectible #10
Character Collectible #10 can be found on the far left side of the map. You will find Lisa’s card and this is story related since finding it will result in a quest ending.

Nero Intel Locations

There’re a total of 6 Nero Intel locations in Lost Lake. The following are the locations of all of them:

Nero Intel #33
Start at the top-right corner of Lost Lake. There’s a research site here that has an Upgrade Chest and a Nero Intel #33.

Nero Intel #32

Can be found inside the Lucky Lad Mine. It is inside a side cave, the entrance to which is marked by a corpse in yellow protective gear.

Nero Intel #5
Then travel to the southeast corner and you’ll find another research site. You need to do jump with your bike and then you’ll see a helicopter and the upgrades right down there. Look for the campfire and you’ll find a black trunk with Intel #5 on it.

Nero Intel #19
Nero Intel #19 is not far from there. It’s just a little further south and you’ll see another Nero Checkpoint. Checkpoints and Research Sites will all appear on your map when you do the Ambush Camps as well as the Historical Markers.

Once you figure out how to unlock the doors (it’s a mini puzzle), you can find Intel #19 in there.

Nero Intel #18
There’s another Nero Checkpoint just a little further west from that previous one so be sure to get your upgrade now.

Nero Intel #24
Intel #24 is the final Nero Intel that you find here. It’s at the top of the map. There’s going to be a hoard cave here and although that’s dangerous during the daytime, you’re safe at nighttime.

Tourism Collectibles Locations

There are a total of 5 Tourism Collectibles that you can find in Lost Lake. The following are the locations of each one of them.

Tourism Collectible #11
Collectible #11 is given to you automatically since it’s story-related.

Tourism Collectible #13
Tourism Collectible #13 is up in the top-right corner of the map on a farm. Go inside the house and interact with a farmer’s market sign in the center of the house to get the collectible.

Tourism Collectible #12
For Tourism Collectible #12, go to the top-left corner of the map. Head into a big house and go under the stairs to find a table with the Tourism Collectible on top of it.

Tourism Collectible #14
A bit south of there, there’s a little town There’s a building called “Bucking Elk Lounge” with the green roof. Head into the lounge to find Tourism Collectible #14 on a table.

Tourism Collectible #26
You can find Tourism Collectible #26 on the south side of the map near an Ambush Camp. It’s going to be next to a pinball machine inside the house.

Camp Guitarists Locations

Once you collect all the Tourism Collectibles, you unlock a new collectible type called Camp Guitarist. Go to Iron Mikes at nighttime and you’ll see a blue question mark.

There’ll be some people in the gazebo with a guitar. The guitarist will pick it up and start playing a full song. There are 6 songs and you have to come back on consecutive nights to get all six of them.

Herbology Plants Locations

Herbology Plants in the area are collected organically as you continue to explore your surroundings. You should be able to collect them on your own without needing additional help.

Historical Marks Locations

As for Historical Marks in the region, all you need to do to collect them is to complete Ambush Camps in the area and all of them will be marked on your map.

Historical Marker #20
Found at Camp Pioneer.

Historical Marker #17
Found at the Metolius Lava Cave entrance.

Historical Marker #26
Found near Ripplebrook.

Historical Marker #18
Found at the Courthouse in Sherman’s Camp.

Historical Marker #42
Found at the entrance to the Lucky Lad Mines.

Historical Marker #16
Found in front of the Lodge at Iron Mike’s Camp.

Historical Marker #15
Is at Berley Lake in the south.