Days Gone Iron Butte Collectibles Locations Guide – Nero Intel, Tourism Collectibles, R.I.P. Sermons, Character Collectibles

This Days Gone Collectibles Guide will list where you can find all the collectibles in the Iron Butte region. Collectibles found in the Iron Butte region include Character Collectibles, Nero Intel, Tourism Collectibles, Historical Markers, Herbology Plants, and R.I.P. Sermons.

Days Gone Iron Butte Collectibles Locations

Since Days Gone is an open–world game, you can always return to an area to collect your missing collectibles. Before we begin our hunt for collectibles in Iron Butte, here are the different types of collectibles in Days Gone:

  1. Character Collectibles
  2. Nero Intel
  3. Sarah’s Lab Notes
  4. Radio Free Oregon
  5. Colonel Garret’s Speeches
  6. R.I.P. Sermons
  7. Tourism Collectibles
  8. Historical Markers
  9. Herbology Plants
  10. Camp Guitarists
  11. Anarchist Cairns (covered separately)

In Iron Butte, there’re 4 Characters Collectibles, 2 Nero Intel, 3 Tourism Collectibles, 6 Historical Markers, 4 Herbology Plants, and 11 R.I.P. Sermons.

Character Collectibles Locations

Two of the Character Collectibles are automatically obtained during the course of Main Story. The other two are mentioned below which are near the Research Facility.

Character Collectible #33
It’s in the guard building right outside the main gate of the Research Facility.

Character Collectible #30
Go inside the building to find Character Collectible #30. Enter the room with the blue solar panels on the roof and go left to get the collectible from a laptop.

Tourism Collectibles Locations

There’re only three Tourism Collectibles that you can find in the Iron Butte region. All of these collectibles are fairly close to each other and are easy to locate.

Tourism Collectible #25, #27, #28
From the previous location, head to a room on the opposite side of the same facility. There’ll be some Tourism Collectibles on the right–hand side on top of a desk.

From here, travel just a little bit north to the gas station to find Tourism Collectible #25 on the counter.

Travel a little northeast and you’ll encounter a farmhouse that has another collectible in it waiting for you. It shouldn’t be too hard to find since it’s the first thing you see when you enter Iron Butte.

However, you should do it later in the game, as you can’t enter the first time you visit.

Nero Intel Locations

There’re only two Nero Intel in Iron Butte region. The following are the locations of these Nero Intel collectibles:

Nero Intel #13
You need to head to the Nero Research Site in the southwest. Jump across on your bike and then head to the cliffside here and it’ll be a piece of paper on the ground.

Nero Intel #14
The second one is at the Rogue Tunnel Nero Checkpoint. Once you figure out how to open the door, go inside and pick it up. Don’t forget to get your upgrade whether it be Health, Stamina, or Focus.

R.I.P Sermons Locations

There’re 11 of the 13 R.I.P Sermons in the Iron Butte region. They’re marked by “a bunch of branches tied together” along with a generator and a speaker.

Sometimes, you’ll hear them before you can see them. You’ll find most of them on the road or near it and your search should start from the far left-side of the map.

R.I.P Sermon #13
You need to start from the far left-side of the map where the roads meet on the map near the blue buildings. You need to look for a small cliff that has the collectible.

R.I.P Sermon #11
Head to the southwest corner of the map to a little camping site ground. Just walk up to the generator and then hold the Square button to get it.

R.I.P Sermon #5
From the previous collectible, travel far east to near the research facility named Cloverdale to find another one.

R.I.P Sermon #4
Head just a little south from that previous location and you’re going to find Sermon #4 alongside the road.

R.I.P Sermon #12
Travel back up north and loop around to find Sermon #12 at the gas station where we mentioned picking up one of the Tourism Collectibles earlier.

R.I.P Sermon #6
Just a little north (not very far since it’s at walking distance), you can see some dirt roads and Sermon #6 will be yours when you turn off the generator.

R.I.P Sermon #10
From there, go toward the tunnel back over to Lost Lake and you’ll find another Sermon actually overlooking it.

R.I.P Sermon #9
From the previous one, head back a little back to the left to find another one.

R.I.P Sermon #1
After this, loop around the path overlooking the crash site. Stay on this back road and head around to the left to find it.

R.I.P Sermon #8
You’ll see a tunnel heading back up towards the Belknap. This is where you’ll find the collectible.

R.I.P Sermon #7
For the last one in the area, you need to head to the entrance to Iron Butte.

Herbology Plants Locations

Herbology Plants in the area are collected organically as you continue to explore your surroundings. You should be able to collect them on your own without needing additional help.

Historical Marks Locations

As for Historical Marks in the region, all you need to do to collect them is to complete Ambush Camps in the area and all of them will be marked on your map.