Days Gone Infestation Nest Locations Guide

In some regions of Days Gone, there’re Infestation Nests that’re the places where Freakers reside. The game’s world is massive and you need to rely on fast travel to move around. In this Infestation Nests Locations Guide, we’ve detailed the locations of each and every Crier Nest in Days Gone.

Days Gone Infestation Nest Locations

However, do note that you can’t fast-travel through areas with these Infestation Nests. In order to unlock fast travel points and earn the Infestation Exterminator trophy, you’ve to clear these Infestation Nests in Days Gone. There are 12 Infestations and 18 Crier Nests, in total, that are part of the Infestation Exterminator Questline.

How to Destroy the Crier/Infestation Nests

There are three ways you can go about burning crier nests:

  • Throw a fuel canister and shoot it.
  • Throw a Molotov.
  • Use Incendiary Bolts.

Amongst these, the third option would be your best bet as you get 3 Incendiary Bolts per Kerosene instead of only 1 Molotov. Incendiary Bolts are unlocked once you conquer 8 Ambush Camps.

As a rule of thumb, try burning out the nest during the daytime as you’ll find fewer Freakers roaming around.

The following are the locations of all the Infestation Nests in the game. Note that whenever you’ll get close to a nest, your character will be able to smell it, and it’ll also get marked on the map

Logging Camp Infestation Zone Locations

Location #1
Somewhere in the center of the Logging Camp, you’ll find a house that’s a red barrel at the side of it. Shoot the barrel to blow up the Infestation Nest.

Location #2
This Crier Nest is in a hut that has the red truck parked in front of it. You can also find a gas canister around the hut. Use it to blow up the nest.

Location #3
This last warehouse is large and has four Infestation Nests inside. You’ll find a shed that has some beer bottles and a rag. Inside the warehouse, you’ll find kerosene for more cocktails.

Don’t try to take down all four Crier Nests at one time. First, burn down the two near the entrance, on the ground floor.

When the area clears out of the spawned Freakers, go back inside and burn the other two Crier Nests. Kill the Freakers that follow you and leave the rest.

Pioneer Cemetery Nest

The following are the Infestation Zone in the Pioneer Cemetery region:

Location #4
There’s a small cabin in the northeast of the camp with a green roof. Burn the nest inside the hut and leave.

Location #5
This next barn building is at the side of the road. There’ll be a lot of stuff around to blow up the Infestation Nest.

Location #6
This last Crier Nest is hard to miss since the barn building is large and painted red. If you’ve seen the statue, go at its right and you’ll find the barn.

Frontier Motel Infestation Nests

The following are the Infestation Zone in the Frontier Motel region:

Location #7
You’ll find you a large truck near the Frontier Motel that’s got one Crier Nest inside.

Location #8
Visit the motel area and you’ll find two Crier Nests in one building. Burn down both the nests but keep an eye out for the Freakers.

Marion Forks

The following are the Infestation Zone in the Marion Forks region:

Location #9
On the east side of the map, you’ll find a place where tractors will be parked. The garage-like place will have a shutter open. Go inside and blow up the nest there.

Location #10
The next nest is in the building near the statue. There’s not much chance of Freakers spawning there but be careful when blowing up the nest.

Location #11
The next location is inside the coffee shop. Follow the path where it takes you on the first floor of the building and you’ll reach a bedroom where the nest is located.

Location #12
You’ll find a nest inside the gas station. Pick up a gas can from around and then use it to blow up the nest inside.

Location #13
This last nest is in a building with the blow roof borders – very hard to miss! Just go inside a blow up the nest.

Patjens Lake

The following are the Infestation Zone in the Patjens Lake region:

Location #14
Your first nest is in the north of the area. There is a huge power pole and a danger sign. The nest is on the house with the dish.

Location #15
The other nest is near the swamp area inside the shack. There’s a horde in this area so make sure to find a way out before blowing the nest.

Location #16
The last location is south of the previous location. The nest is at the back of a trailer. Just Molotov the nest and run back.

Shermans Camp

The following are the Infestation Zone in the Shermans Camp region:

Location #17
This location has two Infestation Nests inside one building. The building is the one that has “Furniture” written over it.

The first nest is on the ground floor while the second nest is around the building up some stairs. You’ll find the nest when you enter a room through the broken window.

Location #18
The other Crier Nest is inside the big red brick building. Use any entrance to reach the room with the nest.

Berley Lake Infestation Zones

The following are the Infestation Zone in the Berley Lake region:

Location #19
The first nest is at the north of the Berley Lake. There’s a shack that has got the nest coming out. Just burn down the nest and run away. as the Freakers will come out any time.

Location #20
The next location is near the Nero Checkpoint board near the snowy fields. There’re two nests very close to each other. The first nest is inside the back of a trailer and for the second one, turn left, go up, and you’ll see it.

Location #21
This nest is in the Nero Checkpoint. Go to the bridge and at the wall of the bridge, you’ll see the nest stuffed in. Use Molotov for it and move back to get prepared for the Freakers.

Rogue Camp

Location #22
This location is towards the center of the region near the crossroads. There are three nests here in total – two in the house next to the phone booth and one right outside that house.

Location #23
This location is right in front of the house in the previous location and contains one crier nest.

Location #24
This location points to the green-colored house in the same area as the previous location. It also contains one nest.

Location #25
This location is the second house going north-east of the green-colored house and contains one crier nest.

Tumblebug River

Location #26
This location is towards the north-eastern edge of the region near next to Crater lake and contains two nests close to each other.

Location #27
This location is just north of the previous one and below the motorcycle icon on the map. There is one crier nest on it.

Rimview Ranch

Location #28
This location is towards the north-eastern edge of the region, and all three nests are very close to each other along Crater lake.

Cascade Lakes Rail Line

Location #29
This location points towards the Highway 97 of the region. There are four nests close to each other.

Location #30
The location is the woods east of Highway 97. You’ll find the fifth nest in there.

Chemult College

Location #31
This location points to Highway 97. You’ll find three nests right on the highway with small distances in between.

Location #32
This location is the housing area west of Highway 97. Again, there are three nests to burn down here as well.

South Oregon

There are 18 Crier Nests scattered all around this region. Just run through the whole region, and whenever you see Black Infected Mass, you’ll know that you’ve found a crier nest. Don’t waste any time, and burn it down immediately!