Days Gone Horde Locations Guide

The world of Days Gone comprises of 5 regions and teeming with hordes. Hordes in Days Gone are large groups of zombies that are spread out over these regions. To help you in finding and eliminating these hordes, we have prepared this Days Gone Horde Locations guide will all the necessary info.

Days Gone Horde Locations

There’re 40 Hordes in the game and the campaign requires you to take on at least 3. As for the rest, they’re hidden across these regions in caves. Hordes in Days Gone are notoriously difficult to eliminate so we’ve prepared this handy little Hordes Guide to help you find them and take them down.

As mentioned earlier, in order to find hordes, you just have to find their caves. It’s much safer to take them down during the daytime because they’re sleeping.

How to Kill Hordes

Throwables like Molotovs and Napalm can take down large groups of Freakers. You’ll want to craft as many of these as possible. These can’t be purchased at camps so you’ll have to collect materials to craft them.

As for ammo and weaponry, we recommend more rapid-fire artillery such as rifles and SMGs. If you’re running low, you can leave the area and stock up before returning since the Freakers’ HP will stay the same.

Environmental Traps
You should scan the environment around you beforehand to see if there’re any explosives or traps nearby that you can use take down Hordes.

You can place remote bombs in places that can cause damage to a lot of Freakers all at once. The best place for them is normally near gas canister or tank.

Mostly during day time, the Freakers are inside their caves. Using this to your advantage can ease up things for you. Simply engage the horde to lure them out in minimum numbers and take them out one at a time.

Alternatively, if it’s nighttime, most probably the Freakers left their caves, giving you time to plant remote explosives. Once they return to their caves, blast them to wipe out the horde.

Use devices like the alarm clock to lead the Horde closer to your traps.

Start out Strong
A Napalm Molotov is a good way to start. If that’s not an option, any explosive will do.

Have Stamina Cocktails with You
You’ll need to maneuver a lot since the Hordes are very quick. You’ll be running and dodging the entire time and that’ll deplete your stamina. Keep a few of these cocktails with you for preparation.

Cascade Horde Locations

Following are the locations of all the hordes that you can find in Cascade region in Days Gone.

Horde #1: Horse Lake
Go to the Head For the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint and look for a cave on the left side of the road that heads east.

Horde #2: Death Train
Go south to the Lake Nero Checkpoint. There is a train that is home to a Horde that slumbers there during the day.

Horde #3: White King Mine
Cross the wooden bridge in the north-west corner of the Cascade to find the mine.

Horde #4: O’Leary Mountain
To the North of the safehouse where you drop the injured Boozer.

Horde #5: Little Bear Lake
Head for the Little Bear Lake Nero Checkpoint. Follow the slope to find the cave.

Horde #6: Grotto Caves
To the west of the Old Pioneer Cemetery Nero Checkpoint. Look for a car part in the North part of the hill.

Horde #7: Cascade Highway
Go past the railway bridge, to the North of Horse Creek Ambush Camp and search in the mountain on the east.

Horde #8: Proxy Falls Horde
At the stone bridge to the south of Horse Creek Ambush Camp.

Belknap Horde Locations

Following are the locations of all the hordes that you can find in Belknap region in Days Gone.

Horde #9: Patjens Lake
In Rebel Rock Cave on the northwest of Hot Sprint Camp.

Horde #10: Bear Creek Hot Springs
To the west of the Bear Creek Ambush Camp, inside a cave where you visit Sarah’s memorial site.

Horde #11: Shadow Lake
North of Marion Forks Nero Checkpoint, at the top of the lake.

Horde #12: Lava Arch
The cave with ropes in the middle of Belknap.

Horde #13: Marion Forks
Directly south of the town itself, inside a small cave to the east side of the road.

Horde #14: Belknap Crater
To the north-west of the Belknap Caves Ambush Camp.

Horde #15: Twin Craters
Inside a cave to the south-east of the gas station, in the south-east corner of Belknap.

Shermans Camp Infestation Locations

The following are the Sermans Camp Infestations that you can locate:

Horde #16
In one building, you’ll find Freakers on the top and ground floors. Be sure to take out the ground floor ones before proceeding onwards to the front of the building, and up the stone stairs. Walk into the first room upstairs to the right and throw a cocktail to kill the Horde.

Horde #17
There will be Freakers roaming around the Tourist are in the center of town so kill them with Molotovs to clear the area.

Lost Lake

Following are the locations of all the hordes that you can find in Lost Lake region in Days Gone.

Horde #18: Berley Lake
Go to the southern border of Lost Last before Santiam The cave will be north-east from the Santiam Tunnel Nero Checkpoint.

Horde #19: Metolius Lava Cave
Between Lost Lake and Cascades border, north of Iron’s Mike Camp.

Horde #20: River Flow Farms
Next to Nero Research site, North of Iron Mike’s farm.

Horde #21: Westfire
Before the 3 buildings across the lake, just west of Iron Mike’s camp.

Horde #22: Wapinitia Road
Before the main road just north of Berley Ambush Camp.

Horde #23 Sherman’s Camp
Head West from Iron Mike’s Farm in the Lost Lake region where you’ll find Sherman’s Camp. The horde can be found inside a shop east of the town.

Crater Lake

Following are the locations of all the hordes that you can find in Crater Lake region.

Horde #23: Mt. Bailey
North-West of Crater Lake and east of Diamond Lake Camp.

Horde #24: Mcleod Ridge
At the bottom of the mountains in the snow region that’s North-east of Diamond Lake camp.

Horde #25: Rimview Ranch
Northeast of Crater Lake.

Highway 97

Following are the locations of all the hordes that you can find in Highway 97 region.

Horde #26: Solomon Hill
Northwest of Aspen Butte Ambush Camp.

Horde #27: Beaver Marsh Rest Stop
At the foot of the windy river in the snow region just North-east of Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway Nero Checkpoint.

Horde #28: Mt. Scott Ski Resort
Walk to the north-east of the snowy region and then follow the river to the north to find the horde.

Horde #29: Sagebrush Point
The power line in the snowy region, north-east from Highway 97.

Horde #30: Beasley Lake
Small pond just east of Sagebrush Point.

Horde #31: Chemult Station
Inside the train carriages, South of Chemult.

Horde #32: Cascade Lakes Rail Line
Follow the river to the North of Chemult.

Horde #33: Chemult Community College
Close the Nero point at the Chemult Community College.

Horde #34: Groose Gardens
East of Chemult Community College.

Horde #35: Rum Rye Gulch
South of Chemult Community College.

Horde #36: Juniper Ridge
Near a bridge on the west side in the same region.

Horde #37: Friendship Ridge
East of the gas station before Bare Bay Ambush Camp.

Horde #38: Lobert Draw Ridge
Near the railway line to the south to Pillette Bridge Nero Checkpoint.

Largest Horde in Days Gone

There are a total of 40 different Hordes in Days Gone, each consisting of points they travel in between. Out of the 40, the one that stands out the most is the Sawmill Horde. Sawmill Horde is the largest Horde in Days Gone

Deacon comes across this Horde during the mission “I’ll Safe Some for You”. The most recommended way to clear out the area is by planting explosives near the bear where Freakers are found.

Simply plant the bombs and hide behind some bushes to lure them with distraction. Once they’re lured, use Molotovs and Napalms to finish the job.

Regeneration of Hordes

You’ll face difficulty wiping out the largest horde in Days Gone, Sawmill. This is where many players ask the question, Do Hordes Regenerate?

The short answer to this is, NO! You can kill as many enemies as possible then run for your life after collecting resources, the hordes will not regenerate. They’ll be found with the same number you left them with.


Upon clearing all 37 Hordes, you’ll receive the St. John Horde killer custom Motorcycle skin. Destruction of each Horde further grants you with a good amount of regional trust along with experience points.