Days Gone Highway 97 Collectibles Locations Guide

There are plenty of collectibles to find and collect in Days Gone. Some of these collectibles are associated with different side quests in the game while others are just there for completionists. In this Days Gone Highway 97 Collectibles Locations guide, we’ve shared the locations of all the collectibles found in Highway 97.

Days Gone Highway 97 Collectibles Locations

Since Days Gone is an open-world game, you can always return to an area to collect your missing collectibles. Before we begin our hunt for collectibles in Highway 97, here are the different types of collectibles in Days Gone:

  • Character Collectibles
  • Nero Intel
  • Sarah’s Lab Notes
  • Radio Free Oregon
  • Colonel Garret’s Speeches
  • R.I.P. Sermons
  • Tourism Collectibles
  • Historical Markers
  • Herbology Plants
  • Camp Guitarists
  • Anarchist Cairns

Some of the collectibles in Days Gone are unmissable and are automatically collected during the course of Main Story but others can be missed. In Highway 97 area, there’re 6 Nero Intel, 7 Tourism Collectibles, 4 Historical Markers, and 1 Herbology Plant.

Nero Intel Locations

In Days Gone, there is a total of 6 Nero Intel in Highway 97.

Nero Intel #6 Field Recording – 2011
For this Nero Intel, you have to visit the Nero Research Site in Highway 97 that is located inside the cave. Along with it being a Research Site, you’ll use the cave as your point for infiltration. The cave is specifically found at Aspen Butte Ambush Camp to the southwest.

While being present in the cave, you’ll find the Nero Intel with the upgrade box. If you look beside the Nero Injector, you’ll also find a recorder.

Nero Intel #20: Mobile Medical Unit Recording 0805
The Nero Intel is at the Nero Checkpoint in Highway 97 at Chemult Community College. You will be finding this collectible in a relatively dangerous area so be cautious of your surroundings

To access this collectible, head to the MMU building and terminate all the speakers to avoid a large pack. Now you’ll find the recorder placed on a counter so grab it however, make sure to scan through all of MMU building to acquire a variety of materials to help crafting.

Nero Intel #38 Mobile Medical Unit Recording 1685
This Nero Intel is at the Nero Checkpoint in Highway 97 at Pillette Bridge. You’ll have to access the checkpoint by unlocking it. After unlocking, go inside the building and grab your collectible. Look for a sink, and behind it, will be a counter. You’ll find these collectibles there.

Nero Intel #39: Researcher Field Note – 2020
This collectible is located inside another cave, but this one is smaller than the previous one and is closer to the location of the previous Research Site.

To be specific, you’ll be finding this at the cave that is located to the east of Aspen Butte Ambush Camp. Head inside the cave, and you’ll find your Nero Intel with the upgrade box near a white crate alongside the Nero Injector.

Nero Intel #40: Researcher Field Note – 1005
This collectible is located at the Nero Research Site that is under a bridge. Look under the broken bridge and scan through the ruins until you find the Nero Injector and the Intel.

Nero Intel: Unspecified
This collectible is located on an island but to reach this island, you’ve to jump over an island in the middle of the river and then jump over to the second island where the Research Site and the Nero Intel is located.

Make sure to have an Upgraded Nitrous and Engine, otherwise, your bike won’t be fast enough and you won’t be able to jump over to the islands.

Tourism Collectibles Locations

There’re a total of 7 Tourism Collectibles that you can find in the Highway 97 region of the Days Gone. The following are the locations of all the Tourism Collectibles in Days Gone Highway 97

Tourism #18: Chemult Suos–Fest
In the same area is the Big Mountain Travel Center.  You will specifically find this collectible inside a Pizza Restaurant as marked in the map. To identify it easily, look around for a big billboard close to a gas pump. Enter the centre and move towards your left–hand side where you’ll find a board with the collectible pinned on it.

Tourism #19: Balloons over Chemult
On the left side of that main road, in front of the vertical blue line building on the map, you’ll find a stranded small green-house with bleached windows. Enter the house and you’ll find the collectible on your right–hand side – pinned on the board. It will appear as a yellow poster.

Tourism #20: Take Out & Tunes
On the left side of the location for Tourism Collectible #21 you’ll find this collectible. To identify the place, look for a building with an emerald roof, and above it will be a billboard with an Auto part advertisement on it. Enter the garage and the collectible will be pinned on a board on your left–hand side.

Tourism #21: Pet Parade
The location for this collectible is the opposite side of the Nero Intel #39 across the river. You will have to head to the north and go across the street to enter a store named Chemult Country Ranch and Reed. Enter the store, head left, and you’ll see the collectible on a board.

Tourism #22: Chemult Community College Green Week Poster
This collectible is at the Chemult Community College. Before you make your way there, be sure to unlock the Nero Checkpoint to clear the College Infestation. When you move towards the way of college, you’ll find many buildings.

Enter the building on your right with a black fence rod gate. Use the stairs to approach the main entrance. Move towards the right towards reception and then just as you step your foot inside the gate, turn left to find the collectible.

Tourism #23: Chemult Ski Resort Brochure
The collectible is at the Ski Resort. Make use of the door present at the backside to enter. Enter the resort and turn to your left–hand side. Go to the ground floor until you reach the room with the counter and you’ll find your Tourism Collectible there.

Tourism #24: Klamath Marsh Wetlands Preservation Flyer
This collectible is at the very east of Highway 97. You’ll have to travel your way through to southwest of Bare Bay Ambush.  Click on the Klamath Marsh area and you’ll find a green post there beside a picnic table. The collectible is pasted on the door of it.

Herbology Plants Locations

Herbology Plants in the area are collected organically as you continue to explore your surroundings. You should be able to collect them on your own without needing additional help.

Historical Marks Locations

As for Historical Marks in the region, all you need to do to collect them is to complete Ambush Camps in the area and all of them will be marked on your map.