Days Gone Gameplay Revealed At Sony E3 Briefing

We got to see our first look at some Days Gone gameplay and the game is what we expected it to be. The game looks very interesting and there are jump scares here and there along the way. We got to look at stealth knockouts and actions. The game mechanics seem polished enough at this point. Days Gone has a ton of zombies to fight but there are ways of avoiding them altogether.

You can also use these zombies to your advantage and divert their attention towards human enemies that you might face along the way. Not only did we see zombies but mutated animals as well. There was not release date at the gameplay reveal. Days Gone gameplay reveals that it will be rivaling State of Decay 2.

You can check out the gameplay video below:

Let us know what you think about Days Gone and whether or not you think this will go up against State of Decay 2.

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