Days Gone End Game Guide – What to Do After Beating the Game?

If you’ve finished Days Gone and gotten your happy ending, you’re probably wondering what you should do next? Well, the end of the campaign isn’t the end of the fun! There’re still quite a few post-game things you can do and we’ve prepared this rundown of all of them in our Days Gone End Game Guide.

Days Gone End Game

Eliminating all Hordes is a storyline that you can complete. You can find the general locations of all the Hordes on your map.

They vary in difficulty but at this point, you already have access to explosives and Molotovs so that should make things much easier for you.

Max Out Trust with All Camps

You can do extra camp missions in Diamond Lake and Wizard. Tucker and Copeland can give you more jobs and you could do bounties. This will give you access to the camp’s full merchant stock such as better weapons and max bike upgrades.

Complete All Storylines

In addition to finishing any storylines you’ve left, being in the endgame actually opens up storylines like “I’m Never Giving Up!”

Max out your trust levels with camps, do bounties, clear out Hordes, and do anything else that requires completion. This will reward you with items such as crafting recipes, bike skins, and weapons.

Upgrade Your Bike

Once you reach Level 3 Trust at Encampments, you’ll unlock some really higher quality upgrades for your Drifter Motorbike.

Completing bounties and other camp related activities, as well as hunting Hoards will award you enough points to get these upgrades.

For now, just have fun with the game and if you’re eager for more stories, Studio Bend has announced free June DLC so there’s something to look forward to!