Should You Give the Drug Stash to Copeland or Tucker in Days Gone

Should you give the Drug Stash to Copeland or Tucker in Days Gone? In this guide, we will tell you the outcome of each choice and our recommendation for which one you should go with.

Should you Give the Drug Stash to Copeland or Tucker in Days Gone

As part of the “Price on Your Head mission” in Days Gone,  you’ll acquire the drug stash and need to send it forward to one of two recipients. You can either give the Drug Stash to Tucker or Copeland.

Mark Copeland and Ada Tucker

Mark Copeland lives in the Cascades and runs his camp there. Ada Tucker is in Belknap, and she is in charge of the Hot Springs camp.

If you give the Drug Stash to Tucker, her trust level will increase and you will be given access to the weapons that were locked previously. However, if you give the Drug Stash to Copeland, new bike upgrades will be unlocked and your trust level with him will go up.

Who Should You Give the Drug Stash?

The big on-screen prompts make it seem like a significant choice. But, in reality, it’s nothing more than choosing between guns or bike upgrades and some prep for how choices that affect trust levels will show up later down the line.

You can either go with either one. It completely depends on whether you want to buy guns earlier in the game or have bike upgrades. Whatever option you choose, the story is not altered by that at all.

Our Recommendation

Even though choosing either of them will not change much, we will suggest you go with Mark Copeland. The reason is that weapons can be bought from camps that will appear later in the game and at the start of the game, bike upgrades are more important.

So, since the bike is a significant part of Days Gone and you have to do a lot of traveling on it so you should go with mark Copeland and give the Drug Stash to him.

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