Days Gone Cascade Collectibles Locations Guide – Character, Nero Intel, Tourism Collectibles, R.I.P. Sermons

If you’ve set your eyes on the Platinum Trophy in Days Gone, you’ll need to make sure you acquire all the collectibles in the game. In this Days Gone Collectibles Locations Guide, we’ve shared the locations of all the collectibles in the Cascade region.

Days Gone Cascade Collectibles Locations

In total, there are 240 collectibles in Days Gone, but you only require to obtain 181 in order to get that Platinum Trophy, provided you’ve obtained Trophies related to the other tasks.

It should be noted that upon collectible of these items, your progress isn’t saved until the next checkpoint or autosave point. Therefore, make sure you don’t have to go back for the collectible.

Even if you miss some, you can always return to the area with the missed collectibles and get them. Before we begin, the different type of collectibles found in Days Gone are:

  1. Character Collectibles
  2. Nero Intel
  3. Sarah’s Lab Notes
  4. Radio Free Oregon
  5. Colonel Garret’s Speeches
  6. R.I.P. Sermons
  7. Tourism Collectibles
  8. Historical Markers
  9. Herbology Plants
  10. Camp Guitarists
  11. Anarchist Cairns (covered separately)

The Cascade region collectibles account for 5 Character Collectibles, 12 Nero Intel, 1 Tourism Collectible, and a R.I.P Sermon.

There are also include 6 Herbology Plants that are riddled across the map so you would just need to explore and collect the species at which point they’ll be discovered.

The same goes for 7 Historical Markers that will be uncovered as you *raid Ambush Camps* and settlements.

Although there’s one at the extreme northeast corner of the map. It’s a statue in the cemetery that seems to be bugged, as developer Bend Studios notes down.

All collectibles that you’ve acquired will appear in the in-game pause menu in the “Collectibles” tab.

Character Collectibles Locations

The first one is automatically acquired as part of the game’s Prologue. The next four collectibles are found in Copeland’s Camp.

The first two can be acquired by heading to the upper level and speaking to Copeland. The Character Collectibles lie behind him.

The next two aren’t so far away. While remaining in the same camp, head to the mechanic’s shop. Look for the two collectibles on either side at the back of the mechanic vendor.

Nero Intel Locations

There are a total of 52 Nero Intel files associated with every Nero Checkpoint and Nero Research Sites. These special medical facilities allow you to unlock fast travel points once you discover them.

Moreover, once you turn on the power in these Nero Facilities, you’ll acquire useful items in stash along with the collectible you’ll be looking for.

All of the facilities follow the same pattern where you need to find and insert fuel canisters into the generators.

For the purpose of collectibles, you only need to acquire 12. The first Nero Checkpoint is encountered during the “Bugged the Hell Out” mission.

In the facility, you can find the Nero Intel file at the back of a repair truck in one of the streets of the camp.

Another Nero Checkpoint can be accessed at Horse Lake, but to power it up, you need a car that you can use to climb up to the roof of the facility. Push a nearby car down the hill for that purpose. You’ll find the collectible within the facility.

Another one is situated in the Old Pioneer Cemetery where you’ll need to fight off some Freakers. There’s a Nero Intel Research Site at the end of a Freaker Cave.

The other two sites in the Cascade region are situated so one is towards the end of the bridge and the other is over at a hill with a crashed helicopter.

For the latter, you’ll need to use your upgraded bike so the nitro will help you make the leap from the cliff.

The Old Sawmill Nero Checkpoint is situated at the Cascade region while the Rogue Tunnel is another Nero Checkpoint in the described region.

A tricky one is towards the dark side of the Santium Tunnel for which you’ll need to collect a fuse off of an Infested Nest after destroying it before you can turn the power on for the generator.

The next two Nero Checkpoints are located at Spruce Lake, Crater Lake, and Chemult Community College, Highway 97. Lastly, the 12th Nero Intel file can be obtained from Pillette Bridge that is also a part of Highway 97 region.

Tourism Collectibles Locations

There are a total of 28 Tourism Collectibles in Days Gone with the Cascade region accounting for a single one. What you’ll be looking for are postcards, pamphlets, or brochures at a tourists’ attraction like a resort, restaurant, or mall.

In the Old Pioneer Cemetery, head to where the Historical Marker, the statue that is present there. Proceed past it to reach the main big gate. The Tourism Collectible is right next to one of these gates on the other side, as you exit the area.

R.I.P Sermon Locations

Just north of the camp, a road has fallen tree branches. Behind one of these fallen trees is a structure made of tree branches that lie beside a boulder and encloses a loudspeaker that seems to be giving a propaganda message.

Interact with this to record this collectible in your collection.

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