Days Gone Belknap Collectibles Locations Guide – Character, Nero Intel, Tourism Collectibles, R.I.P. Sermons

If you’ve set your eyes on the Platinum Trophy in Days Gone, you’ll need to make sure you acquire all the collectibles. In our Days Gone Collectibles Locations Guide, we’ll be discussing locations for the Belknap collectibles in the game.

Days Gone Belknap Collectibles Locations

In total, there are 240 collectibles in Days Gone, but you only require to obtain 181 in order to get that Platinum Trophy, provided you’ve obtained trophies related to the other tasks.

It should be noted that upon collectible of these items, your progress isn’t saved until the next checkpoint or autosave point. So make sure you don’t have to go back for the collectible.

Even if you miss some, you can always return to the area with the missed collectibles and get them. Before we begin, the different type of collectibles found in Days Gone are:

  1. Character Collectibles
  2. Nero Intel
  3. Sarah’s Lab Notes
  4. Radio Free Oregon
  5. Colonel Garret’s Speeches
  6. R.I.P. Sermons
  7. Tourism Collectibles
  8. Historical Markers
  9. Herbology Plants
  10. Camp Guitarists
  11. Anarchist Cairns (covered separately)

The Belknap region accounts for 4 Character Collectibles, 7 Nero Intel files, 9 Tourism Collectibles, and a R.I.P Sermon. It also consists of 3 Herbology Plants that are acquired organically as you explore lands for plant species.

Lastly, the 10 Historical Markers in the location can all be found while completing the *Ambush Camps* in Belknap.

Character Collectibles Locations

At the Hot Springs camp in this region, move to the middle of the camp and look for the bench that Ada Tucker, the camp leader, sits on.

There’s another Character Collectible nearby in the same camp, next to a yellow light stand adjacent to the merchant here.

In the northeast of the Belknap region, a village is situated. Head here to a yellow building that lies to the southwest corner of the town and head inside it to reach the kitchen area.

Look for the Character Card near the oven. Within the same town, you’ll later unlock a mission titled “It’s Not Safe Here” when Lisa accompanies you.

There’s a blue house in the southwest of this town, head there and find the collectible next to the stove here.

Nero Intel Locations

All Nero Checkpoints and Nero Research Facilities have Nero Intel file collectibles along with Nero Injectors for healing and regenerating stamina and for stat upgrades.

For the first Nero Intel, head east from the town you collected the last Character Card from to reach the Marion Forks Tunnel. Here, inside one of the facility, you’ll find it just under a table lamp.

Heading north, you’ll come across a gruesome scene where bloodied corpses lying on the ground. Head to the shack here and you’ll find the Nero Intel file atop a blue barrel.

Proceed to the northwest corner of the Belknap region, past the camp to where the helicopter crash site is located. Just to the right of the yellow tractor, is a normal blue building that you can enter for the Nero Intel file.

Head south from here to reach a Nero Research Site inside a Freaker Cave. It’s advisable to head here in the night so you won’t have to deal with the Freakers.

Head to the back of the cave and collect the Nero Intel file just ahead of the red blinking light.

Move south from the cave so that you come across a ramp that you can use to move to a Nero Research Facility at the top of a hill. For it, you’ll need to have your bike upgraded for the nitro boost.

For the final Nero Intel file, make your way to Iron Butte Pass and turn the power on to access the Nero Checkpoint Facility here. The Intel File is located atop a stone bed in one of the corners of the room.

Tourism Collectibles Locations

Near Marion Forks, head inside the Hungry Jim’s Menu restaurant. The Tourism Collectibles is on the first table on the left. Now in Marion Forks, there’s a bookstore with a blue roof near the church.

Head from the back entrance and enter the second door on your left to collect the Tourism Collectible near the headphones. Another card can be found by entering the same bookstore from the front. Find it next to the brown couch.

West of the last Tourism Card, on the road that leads you to the mountains, there’s a “Fire Danger Today” sign. Just interact with the sign to get this particular collectible registered.

North of this location, you’ll find the Bear Creek Hot Springs shop. Look for the Tourism Card on the counter.

Southwest from the Beer Creak shop, there’s a green restroom where the card is pinned on the wall of the building just next to it. The next one is in the Salome Hot Springs, right outside the Hot Springs camp.

Head inside the big building with the pink roof and make your way to the office at the back to collect the card.

As a part of the Main Story, you’ll need to come to Crazy Willies in the southeast of the Belknap region. Inside the building, head behind just before the garage, to the small office where the Tourism Card lies on a desk.

For the last Tourism Collectible, you don’t have to wander too far off. Simple head to the motel next to the Crazy Willies. Hop inside via one of the windows and in the reception area, you’ll find the collectible on a small table between two chairs.

R.I.P Sermon Locations

Just a little southeast from Crazy Willies, you’ll find some wooden sticks tied together on an elevated terrain surrounded by rocks. There’s a loudspeaker generator spreading propaganda messages.

Interact with it to turn it off and mark this particular R.I.P Sermon in your collectibles book.

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