Days Gone Anarchist Cairn Locations Guide

The standing rock cairns are one of the many collectible types found in Days Gone. For the purpose of our Days Gone Anarchist Cairns Locations Guide, we’ve only mentioned the ones that are fairly easy to locate and have skipped the rest.

Days Gone Anarchist Cairn Locations

Anarchist Cairns in Days Gone are basically rocks located on high grounds or near river banks. You’ll have to find 12 Anarchist Cairns in order to receive the “Go Kick Rocks” Trophy.

Once you find an Anarchist Cairn, simply kick it over. Do note that there’re a total of 36 Anarchist Cairns in the game but, as mentioned earlier, you only need to locate 12 of them for 100% completion.

We have provided a map with all the Cairn locations in Days Gone while detailed info about these locations are written below

Moreover, the guide is divided into different regions so as to help you find the ones in a region before moving on to the next one.

Lost Lake Anarchist Cairns

The following are all the Anarchist Cairns that you can locate in the Lost Lake region:

Anarchist Cairn #1
At the northeast edge, travel towards the town with blue buildings. Near these buildings, you’d find a cliff with the collectible on top of it.

Anarchist Cairn #2
There’s a road near the Anarchist Cairn #1 that will lead you to a series of waterfalls. This is the area where you’ll find the second collectible.

Anarchist Cairn #3
To find the third Anarchist Cairn, you’ll have to head to the southwest edge – the area with thick snow. From there, go south and then east toward an island. Under the waterfall, you’ll find the collectible.

Anarchist Cairn #4
Head toward the northwest in the forest of Lost Lake region. Look for a cliff where you’ll find the fourth collectible.

Anarchist Cairn #5
The next location is near the two lakes that run parallel. You need to go to the west shore where you’ll find the final collectible sitting under the mall ledge.

Belknap Cairns

The following are all the Anarchist Cairns that you can locate in the Belknap region:

Anarchist Cairn #6
You need to head to the lake at the top-left corner of the map. Once there, find the shore nearby to find the collectible.

Anarchist Cairn #7
From the last location, head south towards the red buildings. Go toward the road with trees, near a crashed helicopter and you’ll find the collectible.

Anarchist Cairn #8
From the last collectible, follow the road down south until it starts bending east. Near this area, you’ll find a cliff to the left of the road. Look around the area to find the collectible on a cliff.

Anarchist Cairn #9
Continue to follow the same road until you see a river. Head under the nearby bridge to find the Anarchist Cairn.

Anarchist Cairn #10
Keep heading east to a gas station in the black rocky area. Climb the nearby mountain to find the Anarchist Cairn sitting on top.

Anarchist Cairn #11
Head toward the southwest edge from the last location – to the large mountains. This is the area where the path splits. You’ll find the collectible sitting in a small cave.

Anarchist Cairn #12
For the final Anarchist Cairn, you need to head back where you came from. Head north toward the river and continue following the road until you get to a dirt road.

Continue to follow the dirt road and toward the cliffs. You should be able to locate the collectible sitting on top of the mountains.

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