Days Gone 2 Petition Crosses 100,000 Signatures

Days Gone 2 continues to see hundreds of fans showing their support in the hopes of convincing Sony Interactive Entertainment to green-light the sequel.

The online petition which was started on last month has now crossed more than 100,000 signatures in favor of Sony approving Days Gone 2 for PlayStation 5. The final goal is to gather 150,000 signatures and at the rate at which fans are showing their support, the petition is more than likely to receive the remaining signatures in the coming few weeks.

Sony was recently revealed to have rejected a pitch by developer Sony Bend for Days Gone 2 back in late 2019 shortly after Days Gone was released on PlayStation 4. Sony was reportedly against the idea of a sequel since the original Days Gone had a lengthy development cycle and saw a mixed reception at release. The sequel was hence considered not a “viable option” for a next-generation audience.

Days Gone was the first original intellectual property of Sony Bend and while the game did see a lukewarm launch, it managed to gain a considerable fan following over time. While actual lifetime sales have not been shared, game director Jeff Ross did confirm a while back that Days Gone sold more copies than all of the previous Sony Bend games combined.

Days Gone 2 hence holds a special place as far as fans are concerned. It will however not be that simple to convince Sony to rethink its earlier decision for a sequel based on an online petition.

Sony Bend is currently working on an unannounced project with several notable senior staffers having left for better opportunities.

The original Days Gone will land on PC in the coming months. There will be PC-specific features to look forward to such as support for ultrawide displays and unlocked frame-rates which should work in tandem to output more than 60 frames per second at higher resolutions as long as the hardware is able.

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