Days Gone 2 Petitioners Should First “Buy The Game On PC”

The only sure way for fans to convince publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment to greenlight Days Gone 2 is through their wallets.

Taking to Reddit earlier today to answer fan-questions, actor Sam Witwer, who played protagonist Deacon St. John in the game, shared the aforementioned sentiment when asked about the possibility of ever seeing a sequel in the future.

“Buy the game on PC!” said Witwer. “Nothing talks more than sales.”

Sony was reported last month to have rejected a pitch by developer Sony Bend for Days Gone 2 back in late 2019 shortly after the first game was released on PlayStation 4. The report noted that Sony was not in favor of a sequel since the first Days Gone was launched to a mixed reception with slower than expected sales, as well as the fact that the game had a lengthy development cycle. The possibility of a sequel was hence considered to not be a “viable option” on PlayStation 5.

Once the word got out, fans rallied together to change Sony’s mind. An online petition was started which has so far crossed more than 100,000 signatures in favor of Sony approving the development of Days Gone 2. Unfortunately, online petitions rarely convince corporations to go back on earlier decisions.

The original Days Gone has now landed on PC. There are several PC-specific features to look forward to such as support for ultrawide displays and unlocked frame-rates which work in tandem to output more than 60 frames per second at higher resolutions as long as the hardware is able.

Just as Witwer said, buying the game on PC will surely make for a better argument than online signatures. Sony Bend in the meanwhile is currently working on an unannounced project with several notable senior staffers having left for better opportunities.

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