Day Z’s Dean Hall Talks About Delays in Release

The (rather famous by now) modder who is responsible for several million sales of ARMA 2 through his popular zombie survival mod Dean Hall recently held a panel at Pax East along with the rest of Bohemia Interactive. Well, it seems that they also had an interview with Polygon to go with it, in which the project lead for the standalone version of the game talks about the issues they faced with keeping development of the game an open process with the community.

In particular, CEO Marek Spanel and Hall mentioned how they were disappointed by the numerous delays that the game has seen. The Alpha version of DayZ’s standalone was supposed to be out back in December 2012, then was pushed to April, and now they’re considering evaluating the state of the game in June and releasing it even later than that.

there’ve been a couple of big failures in terms of our community engagement […]I think that DayZ is hurt by not being out by now. But we’ve talked about it, and we’re OK with that. We’d rather there be less sales than the game be a [bad] game.

After the mess that was The War Z, I’m inclined to support their decision.

Source: Polygon

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