Dawn of War 3 Metagame Strategy Guide – Win the Early Game, Match-Ups, Elites, Resource Management

Dawn of War 3 Metagame Strategy Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about winning the early game, faction match-ups, elites, and resource management. Play a little and you will understand that securing a win in Dawn of War 3 requires more than winning fights and multitasking.

In this Dawn of War 3 Metagame Strategy Guide, we have detailed some of the things, which will help you become a better player by being able to snowball your lead into a victory, close out games, and how to play from behind. Things like identifying the stages of a game, escalation phases, and how to use Elites to your advantage – this guide covers it all!

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Dawn of War 3 Metagame Strategy Guide

In our Dawn of War 3 Metagame Strategy Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about winning the game.

Dawn of War 3 Metagame Strategy

Identifying Match Stages

Securing a win in Dawn of War 3 requires more than winning skirmishes and multitasking. At each stage of the game, you must learn and try to complete the current objective. For instance, Turrets are incredibly tough to destroy with Support Units nearby – thanks to their large HP pool. Keeping this in mind, you need to win a fight before paying attention to Turrets followed by switching to the Power Core to prevent the enemy forces from reassembling. However, you can only make all this possible by knowing what to do during every stage of the game. To understand this in a better way, think of a game phase corresponding directly to an Escalation Phase that begins every ten minutes.

  • Escalation Phase #1 – Units Refund 25% Resources upon Dying
  • Escalation Phase #2 – Units Refund 15%, +50% Quicker Resources, +50% Buildings HP, +25% LP HP
  • Escalation Phase #3 – Units Refund 5%, +100% Quicker Resources, +100% Buildings HP, +50% LP HP
  • Escalation Phase #4 – Units Refund 0%, +150% Quicker Resources, +150% Buildings HP, +70% LP HP

As evident from the overview of Escalation Phases above, it continues to get harder for the losing players to keep up the economy and the winning players to take more objectives. While it is important to keep the Escalation Phases in mind and pay heed to the current objectives at hand, it is equally important to see what the other player is doing. In the early game, you need to focus on Requisition Nodes to keep your army in a good shape. During the mid-game, you need to put more emphasis on Power to jump to the next tech tier, to upgrade units, and to prepare for the late game. As for the end game, it all comes down to the selection of the units that a team has.

Elites and Their Roles

As a general rule of thumb, you need to keep your Elites alive for as long as possible. If you manage to take down Elite, you should easily take down some key structures and snowball your lead. With the Elite out of the way, try to take a Shield Generator or a Turret to acquire +1 Elite Point, +500 Requisition, and +100 Power – not to mention, disturbing your opponent’s refunds.

In case you are on the other side of the picture, I suggest playing it safe and try to destroy Listening Posts as well as Generators followed by taking control of the Resource Nodes to keep the flow going. It should not come as a surprise but you need to do everything in your power to protect your Elite, even if it requires sacrificing a couple of regular units.

How to Win the Early Game

The one versus one map in Dawn of War 3 a double Requisition Point top where you should try to construct a Forward Base to gain an advantage. If you are unable to do so, try to establish on the south side of the central Elite Node that should allow you to keep an eye on the bottom node from a safe distance. Try to hold these points and you should have plenty of Power and Elite Points to go by the early game. In a team game, however, you should not worry much about the Resource Nodes and should consider coordinating with your team in order to acquire Elite Points early in the game.

Knowing Your Match-Ups

Lastly, you need to understand different match-ups and know your strengths and weaknesses. Having a good understanding of how different factions play against one another should allow you to formulate your strategy in a more efficient manner. For instance, Orks are easily the best starting units in the game and can single-handedly defeat any ranged unit in a one vs. one scenario.

Eldar and Space Marines, on the other hand, require you to scout the map, set up the Light Infantry Barracks in a safe place and play as cautiously as possible. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that Orks bring a majority of melee units to the field while Space Marines and Eldar bring a majority of melee units. Knowing how many ranged/melee units to expect in the field is that major thing that you should be familiar with.

This is all we have in our Dawn of War 3 Metagame Strategy Guide. Let us know if you have anything else to add!

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