Dawn of War 3 Factions Guide

Each of these Dawn of War 3 Factions, Orks, Eldar, and Space Marines, has unique strengths and weakness that you need to use to your advantage. In this guide, we have detailed all the units associated with these factions, required cost, and faction superweapons.

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Dawn of War 3 Factions Guide

Space Marines

Space Marines in Dawn of War 3 have a lot of units and roles from every barrack. Assault Marines are highly recommended for combat as they have the highest early game HP and DPS in the early game and are guaranteed to send the enemies running for the hill with their leap ability.

The Dreadnoughts, on the other hand, also have a lot of HP and heavy armor damage therefore, the combination of Dreadnoughts and Assault Marines can become deadly for the enemies. Don’t forget to use the Slam Ability which stuns the opponent and allows you to avoid being ganged up on.

For support, use Predatory Destructor Tanks as they give a big advantage to Space Marines at long range.

Since we’re talking about tanks, we have to mention the artillery-striking Whirlwind Tanks. These tanks are mostly used for destroying bases and buildings.

So have some of these in your team and clear the area by bombarding enemy resources.

Light Infantry Units
Scout Squad
Cost: 200 Requisition
The stealth infantry units have long-range that can reveal mines and stealth units. The units also have the Stun Grenade Active Ability.

Scout Sniper Squad
Cost: 380 Requisition, 10 Power
A long-ranged infantry unit with good line of sight.

Assault Marine Squad
Cost: 500 Requisition, 15 Power
The units charge and slow enemies and have the Assault Jump Active Ability that lets them slam the ground to slow and damage enemies.

Heavy Infantry Units
Tactical Marine Squad
Cost: 400 Requisition
Ranged infantry units that are upgradeable with DOT Flamers or Plasma Guns for burst damage.

Heavy Bolter Devastators
Cost: 450 Requisition
Anti-infantry units equipped with heavy weapons that damage and slow enemies in a circle.

Lascannon Devastators
Cost: 420 Requisition
Anti-vehicle ranged infantry that deal increased damage to single targets and additional damage to skimmers.

Heavy Armor Vehicles
Cost: 150 Requisition, 225 Power
Artillery vehicle with Missile Barrage Active Ability.

Land Speeder
Cost: 175 Requisition, 175 Power
Anti-infantry ranged skimmer that is upgradeable with anti-vehicle Multi-Melta Weapon.

Cost: 100 Requisition, 300 Power
Anti-armor melee walker with Ground Slam Active Ability.

Predator Annihilator
Cost: 150 Requisition, 275 Power
Anti-armor tank that deals increased DOT to a single target but takes additional damage from behind.

Predator Destructor
Cost: 150 Requisition, 275 Power
Ranged tank with heavy armor that deals damage in a circle around the target.

Elite Units

Gabriel Angelos
This unit is a savage. He possesses a God-Splitter ability which destroys the enemy’s defensive position and the more you charge it the more your shield lasts while using Retribution.

Assault Terminators
Assault Terminators can be described as your bodyguards. They are best used at long range so you must teleport them around the enemy territory and once they’re in, unload their miniguns and put the enemy in harms way. Once your opponent rushes at you, perform the Hammer Slam and teleport away


Orks in Dawn of War 3 bring early map control, a ton of melee units, and a plenty of vehicles. Boyz can easily initiate a one versus one against any early unit in the game and win.

Trukkz is an incredible early game heavy armor anti-infantry vehicle and Nobz has the highest HP and anti-infantry DPS.

The faction has Rok Bombardment Superweapon. After five WAAAGH! Towers, Roks can drop down debris in a circle that follows allies or engaged enemy units.

Light Infantry Units
Cost: 300 Requisition
Infantry units that charge and slows nearby enemies. The units can also WAAAGH! for bonuses.

Shoota Boyz
Cost: 350 Requisition
Ranged infantry units that can loot scrap and toss a grenade with 44 seconds cooldown.

Cost: 250 Requisition, 200 Power
Infantry units that charge and slows nearby enemies. The units have Taunt Active Ability that draws enemy attacks and Choppa Active Ability that immobilizes targets.

Heavy Infantry Units
Anti-vehicle infantry that counters heavy armor and deals bonus damage to skimmers and loots scrap to acquire bomb squigs that dish out damage.

Defgun Lootaz
Cost: 440 Requisition
Heavy weapons infantry lays fire in a line, loots scrap to additionally slow units

Cost: 300 Requisition, 25 Power
Ranged anti-infantry vehicle with heavy armor that can launch passengers to stun enemies and can loot scrap to gain a shield.

Heavy Armor Vehicles
Cost: 100 Requisition, 100 Power
Anti-infantry ranged skimmer that loots scrap to dish out damage.

Killa Kan
Cost: 100 Requisition, 175 Power
Anti-vehicle walker that fires multiple rockets and loots scrap to increase maximum payload.

Deff Dread
Cost: 150 Requisition, 225 Power
Anti-vehicle melee walker that charges and slows nearby enemies. The unit can also loot scrap to gain a shield.

Big Trakk with Supa Kannon
Cost: 100 Requisition, 350 Power
Artillery vehicle that loots scrap to gain proximity-triggered mines.

Elite Units

Gorgutz is the melee unit and the Ork Leader in DW3. This unit can rush towards the opponent, stunning them with his Grapplin Claw.

Once the enemy is stunned, your  Boyz and your Nobz can follow up and attack the remaining enemies.

Big Mek Wazmakka
Big Mek Wazmakka uses the Traktor Beam which slows the speed of the opponent and causes massive damage while buffing your own units.

This unit also uses its Scrap Turret ability which temporarily turns scrap into turrets.

Weirdboy Zapnoggin
The Orks caster, Weirdboy Zapnoggin. This Elite unit uses the Ere We Go ability to teleport away from avoidable melees.

He unleashes his Scrap Blast and damages any enemy in contact while healing your Boyz. This Blast is so powerful that it can wipe out a whole group of Space Marines with a single blow and with a 20 second cooldown


This Dawn of War 3 faction not only brings a ton of mobility but also provides incredible early game power.

The Shadow Specters have the ability to structures to deal damage to structures and vehicles. The Falcon skimmer has good anti-infantry damage and the Wraithblade has armor-shredding melee damage.

Finally, the Superweapon is called Eldritch Storm that can be moved to deal damage and slow enemies.

Moreover, it can be combined with a unit that throws lightning at enemies but can be destroyed with ease.

Light Infantry Units
Dire Avengers
Cost: 330 Requisition
Ranged infantry that deals burst damage and has a grenade that knocks back enemies.

Dark Reapers
Cost: 440 Requisition
Ranged infantry with heavy weapon that damages enemies in a circle.

Howling Banshees
Cost: 435 Requisition, 10 Power
Melee infantry units that slows enemies in a circle with Knockback Active Ability.

Cost: 330 Requisition, 15 Power
Long-ranged infantry with a Vision Beacon Active Ability.

Shadow Specters
Cost: 435 Requisition, 30 Power
Ranged Anti-Armor skimmer infantry with increased DOT against a single target and deals additional damage to skimmer vehicles.

Heavy Infantry Units
Cost: 150 Requisition, 174 Power
Ranged anti-armor heavy infantry that charges before a shot and can recall back to Eldar Infinity Portal.

Cost: 180 Requisition, 225 Power
Anti-armor melee infantry that charges and slows nearby squads and can be recalled back to an Eldar Infinity Portal.

Heavy Armor Vehicles
Cost: 125 Requisition, 125 Power
Heavy armor anti-infantry skimmer that can deploy slowing devices.

Cost: 175 Requisition, 250 Power
Ranged anti-infantry skimmer with the ability to reinforce nearby units.

Fire Prism
Cost: 100 Requisition, 375 Power
Artillery skimmer vehicle with delayed explosions.

Elite Units

Farseer Macha
Farseer Macha is the Eldar leader and a caster type. She uses her Spear to deal damage and once the Spear reaches its location, it increases the remaining Eldar units.

You can activate this ability again and the best thing about it is that it damages the enemy even when they come in the way of its activation.

Jain Zar
Jain Zar is best used with Howling Banshees early in the game due to her being fragile. However, she can be as lethal as one can get. She uses her passive abilities to increase the movement speed of her allies while slowing down her opponents.

Warp Spiders
Warp Spiders may look like cyborg ninjas but they possess a really calm personality. They use teleportation to send your  fleet-footed army gallivanting through.

They are best used for dropping a teleport near the enemy and attacking them from a distance and once the enemy rushes towards you, you send the Howling Banshees from the portal and attack the enemy while the Spiders blow the entire ground from range

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