Dawn of War 3 Doctrines Guide

Dawn of War 3 Doctrines Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about Doctrines in the game, their types, how to unlock them and using them to your advantage to gain an edge in a match. You should be able to see the Doctrines while selecting your Loadout before starting a match.

If you wish to be a better player at the game and win more, you need to have a sound understanding of DoW 3 Doctrines and using them to your advantage. However, in case you do not know where to begin, this guide should definitely help you out!

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Dawn of War 3 Doctrines

Doctrines in Dawn of War 3 are divided into two categories i.e. Army Doctrines and Elite Doctrines. To give you an overview, Doctrines in the game basically lets you take advantage of several bonuses, abilities, and game-altering effects.

Once you have selected your Factions and Elites, you should start paying attention to the Doctrines that will allow you to play the game in a way that fits your playstyle.

Before the start of a match, you should be able to apply Doctrines to both your Elites and the entire army. With Doctrines, you can have additional abilities on your units along with some passive effects.

It is important that you pay attention to Doctrines as they can change the outcome of a match.

Elite Doctrines

As the name suggests, Elite Doctrines are tied to your Elites. There are two types of Elite Doctrines i.e. Presence Elite Doctrines and Command Elite Doctrines. Presence Elite Doctrines are automatically applied on all available Elites and are usually activated upon the initial deployment of the Elite.

Most of the times, the Presence Elite Doctrines cause a devastating attack at the location of an Elite or boost other units on the battlefield.

Command Elite Doctrines, on the other hand, unlock when an Elite reaches Level 3 and require the Elite to be equipped in your Loadout. At Elite Level 8, the Command Elite Doctrines becomes available as a separate Army Doctrine – more on that later.

Army Doctrines

Contrary to Elite Doctrines, the Army Doctrines enhance the subsets of your army with a ton of buffs, effects, and other abilities.

They are divided into four separate categories, which are Infantry, Vehicles and Walkers, Structures and Faction Mechanics.

All races can access the different doctrines from the former three categories, but Faction Mechanics can only be accessed by Space Marines.

A specific element of the forces is improved by an Army Doctrines when it is chosen. This improves its attributes or it unlocks a brand-new ability. Consider the Infantry Doctrine, Space Marine Scout Snipers are given to it by ‘Overwatch’ and it grants an ability which improves attack speed within a certain radius.

It goes without saying that each Faction in the game brings its unique strengths and weaknesses to the game that are further reinforced by the Army Doctrines since they are unique to factions.

Players are given the freedom to select and equip three Army Doctrines at the start of a match.

One important thing that you need to note here is that the Army Doctrines are not unlocked by default and you purchase them prior to using them in the game.

In order to do so, open up a Doctrine’s Information Panel and spend 50 Skulls to unlock it – as simple as that! It is important that you familiarize yourself with different Army Doctrines to be able to formulate your strategies in an efficient manner.

For instance, the Space Marine Scout Strike Army Doctrine lets your Scout units in stealth cover to deal additional damage on their initial attack.

All Doctrines are divided into the following types, which governs what their upgrades do.

  • Type: Ability – Grants abilities to the target.
  • Type: Ability Modifier – Modifies the abilities already on the target; improving their damage, length or decrease cooldown etc.
  • Type: Attribute Addition- Grants an attribute to the unit.
  • Type: Buff – Improves stats of the units like damage, shields, health and so on.
  • Type: Conditional Buff – Improves stats only under specific conditions

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