Dawn of War 3 Base Building Guide – Starting Structures, Building Tips and Strategies

Dawn of War 3 Base Building Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about the starting structures in the game along with building tips and strategies. This Dawn of War 3 Base Building Guide covers different aspects of building such as structures and their functions, best places to build, and more.

Every Dawn of War 3 match starts at a starting base with 10,000 HP. With this, you can produce builders and a single starting infantry unit. Moreover, each team in the game starts with three objective-based buildings – detailed below! Destroy the objective-based buildings to unlock the new set of objectives in addition to 500 Requisition, 100 Power, and 1 Elite Point. You can use this to snowball your lead into victory or make impressive comebacks.

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Dawn of War 3 Base Building Guide

In our Dawn of War 3 Base Building Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about starting structures, building mechanics/strategies, and other important tips related to Base Building.

Dawn of War 3 Base Building

Basic Structures

The Power Core in Dawn of War 3
You must destroy The Power Core in order to win the game. The Power Cores, however, are invulnerable until you manage to destroy one turret. In Dawn of War 3, the Power Cores have 5,600 HP and can regenerate HP if not received damage. Last but not the least the Power Cores has an active ability that provides them with invulnerability for 20 seconds which is massive. This ability, however, has a cooldown of 300 seconds.

Turrets in Dawn of War 3
In three versus three matches, two turrets flank the outer entrances to each team’s base with a third one in the middle. Each turret in the game has 1,750 HP and stays invulnerable until you manage to destroy the nearby Shield Generator. Turrets emit the directional blasts that damage units for several seconds. Moreover, there are smaller blasts that deal less damage to individual targets. Similar to The Power Core, the turrets also have an active ability called Shock Wave that stuns all the enemy units in a circle for a short duration of time. The ability has 250 seconds cooldown.

Shield Generators
Shield Generators in Dawn of War 3 are the first structures that you must destroy. Each of the turrets has 1,750 HP and are located right next to a turret. Units that occupy the Shield Generators gain a Bubble Shield that blocks all incoming ranged damage but leaves them open to melee damage. Keeping this in mind, you must destroy any active Bubble Shields before destroying the Shield Generators nearby.

Dawn of War 3 Base Building Tips and Strategies

In Dawn of War 3, your starting buildings produce builders that can capture resource nodes and even tie up enemies, allowing your other units to escape. However, it is obvious that primary objective of builders is to construct structures that are divided into 4 categories. In this section of the guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about different structures that you can build in the game.

Barracks in Dawn of War 3
In Dawn of the War 3, each race has three different barracks in order to produce units. Light Infantry Barracks unlocks the first infantry units to win early game skirmishes and require Requisition. Heavy Infantry Barracks are for Orks and Space Marines to produce better counter-units in the game that require Requisition. Finally, the Vehicle Depot allows you to produce vehicles that require Power. Vehicles, in Dawn of War 3, possess heavy armor to withstand pressure from the Infantry Units and can easily destroy buildings and other vehicles.

  • Support Buildings: WAAAGH! Towers and Webway Gates
  • Listening Post: Defensive turrets built on top of Resource Nodes
  • Tech Buildings: Allows you to research permanent bonuses and active abilities

As you might have guessed, all the structures – with the sole exception of Listening Posts – can be constructed anywhere on the map. You can build barracks behind turrets is safer but constructing them at the forward positions let your new units join your forces much quicker and a place to regenerate HP and reinforce your lost units. Some of the places where you should consider buildings include raised platforms, on walkways, near Cover Generators, near areas with less visibility.

This is all we have in our Dawn of War 3 Base Building Guide. Let us know if you have anything else to add!

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