David Hayter Plays Solid Snake for Ford

David Hayter is a legend among the fans of the Metal Gear franchise, for voicing the iconic Snake. But he has been replaced by Kiefer Sutherland but that did not stop him for reprising his role as Solid Snake for Ford commercials.

Ford has collaborated with Konami for making Metal Gear themed ads . Hayter promoted the add through his twitter account  by posting “Snake is back. And he is driving a ford”.

Hayter is also reprising his famous role for the fan made Metal Gear remake.

Previously Hayter criticized Kojima about replacing him and also stated that Kojima wanted to replace him since Metal Gear solid 3 , he also said that he has no love for Kojima and he does not want to work with him again.

You can watch the Ford commercial featuring David Hayter and hear his iconic Snake voice once again.

For more on Metal Gear, stay tuned.

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