Dauntless Developer Talks PS4 Pro/Project Scorpio, Console Version, Monatization and More

Dauntless developer Phoenix Labs had a chat with Segmentnext and discussed the upcoming game. We talked about a possible console version, the game’s monetization plans, and why the game is PC only.

Chris Fox, Senior Designer at Phoenix Labs had a lot to talk about.

How do you plan to monetize the game? Cash shop and opt-in subscription models under consideration?

CF: First and foremost, we are firmly against selling power and putting up paywalls. If you see someone wearing cool gear and weapons, it’s because they earned it. Where we think it makes sense is to offer additional cosmetic and personalization options such as armor dyes, emotes, and flares – additional ways to express yourself in-game.

Why PC only?

CF: Phoenix Labs is roughly 40 people, and focus is important for a smaller studio. In choosing a platform for Dauntless, it was important that we could bring this style of cooperative hunting action to as many players as possible. We feel that going free to play on the PC is the perfect fit. That said, Dauntless features controller support today, and it totally makes sense to bring it to consoles at some point in the future. Right now we are focused on PC because we want to make Dauntless the best game it can be before we begin porting it to another platform.

At any point can we expect to see a console version of Dauntless?

CF: Once Dauntless is the best game it can be on PC, we’ll explore the idea of a potential console version.

Many are calling it PC’s Monster Hunter, how do you feel about that? And what was your original inspiration for Dauntless.

CF: I think that’s a fantastic compliment, and something we’re excited to live up to. We’re all huge fans of games like Monster Hunter and Dark Souls, but we’ve drawn inspiration other games and genres too. That said, with Dauntless we’re creating something entirely new and we’re extremely excited to show the world our take on the action-RPG space.

Besides fighting monsters and crafting items, what other activities should we expect? Dungeons? Quests?

CF: Dauntless is all about players coming together and accomplishing great feats of strength, and showing off those hard-earned accomplishments to others. There’ll be hundreds of hours of slaying, crafting, questing, and exploring to support that.

Once the title is out, how often do you plan to update the game with new content like beasts, weapons, skins etc.?

CF: Dauntless is a living, breathing world, and we plan to support our players for many years to come.

I understand your game is not happening on Xbox Scorpio or PS4 Pro but as a developer and a part of the gaming industry, how do you see mid-gen console upgrades? Can better hardware and better performance combined with exclusive titles help attract PC gamers?

CF: I think there’s never been a better time to be playing video games. We have so many incredible options all around us, and I see the PS4 Pro and Scorpio as extensions of that. We’re surrounded by choice, and I think there’s there’s a game and a platform out there for everyone.

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