Dauntless Cell Fusion Guide – Exchange Rates, Ace Chips

Want to upgrade your gear but do not have enough precious Arcstones? Dauntless has a good way around this.

Cell Fusion is a system in Dauntless that enables you to convert two lower level Cells into one Cell that has a higher rarity, so it essentially upgrades your gear without having to use Arcstones.

However, to get a hang of how Cell Fusion works, you need to know where to get it done, and how to use it to get the weapon or armor upgrades you are looking for.

Cell Fusion also requires a lot of time, so you might also be wondering how to speed this process up. In this guide, we are going to explain all the information you need about Cell Fusion in detail, so keep on reading!

How to Carry Out Cell Fusion in Dauntless?

Cell Fusion in Dauntless is carried out by an NPC who you can find right next to the Captains Quarter’s, The Middleman; you will be introduced to him early on in the game.

You can get your Cells fused by the Middleman when you go talk to him and select the option to Fuse Cells, two slots will show up. An important thing to note is that only Cells of the same rarity level can be fused together.

The first slot is for the Cell you wish to upgrade, and the second Cell (of the same rarity level as the first one) is the one that gets consumed in upgrading the first Cell you chose.

Therefore, you end up with a higher rarity level Cell that you want, while getting rid of a Cell that you do not want. Fusing two Cells of the same rarity level and perk, results in a Cell with a higher rarity level and the same perk.

However, if you fuse two Cells that belong to the same family (Power, Defense, Utility, etc.), have the same rarity level but different perks, you will end up with a Cell that has a higher rarity level and a random perk from within that family.

However, fusing Cells (of the same rarity level) that belong to different families and thus have different perks, generates a higher rarity level random Cell.

Another thing The Middleman can do for you is to further boost your Epic Cells in exchange for 2,000 Rams.

How to Speed it Up?

You can speed up the Cell Fusing process by spending Middleman Ace Chips.

Ace Chips are earned in an increasing fashion by leveling up your Hunt Pass, but you probably will not earn enough of them to fulfill all your needs, so you can opt to purchase them in the store.

You can purchase Ace Chips with either real money or Platinum, but keep in mind you have to buy Platinum with real money as well. Here are the different packs of Ace Chips you can buy at the store:

  • 50 Middleman Ace Chips or 300 Platinum for $5
  • 200 Middleman Ace Chips or 1,100 Platinum for $13
  • 1,000 Middleman Ace Chips or 5,100 Platinum for $50

It really depends on how much money you are eager to spend on a free game. You could always just start the Cell fusing process when you log in to play and be happy when you get your fused Cell after waiting out the timer.

The exchange rate for speeding up Cell Fusion is 1 Ace Chip for a one-hour reduction in fusing time. Fusing different types of cells requires different time durations.

  • Fusing two Blue (Rare) Cells to make a Purple Cell – 48hrs
  • Fusing two Purple (Epic) Cells to make a higher level Cell – 72hrs
  • Fusing two Green (Uncommon) Cells to make a Blue Cell – 24hrs

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