Datamining Reveals Rainbow Six Siege Framerate Boosted By DLSS 2.2

Dataminers have recently leaked that the Rainbow Six Siege framerate is apparently being boosted by a new version of Deep Learning Super Sampling, causing a great increase in frames per second. Currently the only publicly-available version of DLSS is 2.1 (which also supports VR), but the one Siege is apparently running is 2.2.

The information came from a Reddit user in the official NVIDIA subreddit, who went into the game’s files to discover that the game was running Nvidia’s bleeding-edge DLSS version. Deep Learning Super Sampling is AI rendering technology that increases graphical performance by making use of the cores on Nvidia’s GPUs.

Considering the kind of game that Rainbow Six Siege is, it’s hardly a surprise that such a game like that would be making sure they had the highest possible graphical quality and framerate, especially when reaction times and who sees who first are paramount in deciding who comes out on top.

The difference between previously and now that DLSS 2.2 is part of the game has astounded some players, who are shocked at the higher Rainbow Six Siege framerate that came with the boost. It might be possible that Nvidia is using Rainbow Six Siege as a testbed for DLSS’s new version before moving it out to other games as well.

Along with the news of how much faster the game runs, the dataminers also posted videos showing the difference between running the game normally, and running it with the DLSS 2.2 active. Considering how in-demand Nvidia GTX graphics cards are for computers (when they’re not being bought up for bitcoin mining that is), such an announcement is good news for PC gaming.

You can follow this link to the post for yourself and see how the Rainbow Six Siege framerate changes with DLSS 2.2, though it’s likely you’d need one of the more recent Nvidia GTX graphics cards to truly take advantage of it.