Dataminers Leak Information About Destiny 2 Crimson Days Valentine Event

Dataminers have struck again, and this time Destiny 2 is the target. A lot of information about the Destiny 2 Crimson Days event has been released this time, showing off what we’ll be seeing in the event and also bringing up the event’s reward weapon, a bow known as The Vow.

Destiny has a wide variety of different holiday events that serve as futuristic parallels to current holidays, such as the recently-ended holiday event The Dawning, which served as Christmas, and the Festival of the Lost, which celebrates Halloween. Crimson Days is the equivalent to Valentine’s Day.

To start off with, the Destiny 2 Crimson Days event won’t require you to have purchased the Forsaken Expansion or the Annual Pass in order to play, and will be free to access. Playing it and completing various event-specific bounties will net you various cosmetic shaders for your armor along with The Vow.

The Vow itself is a pre-rolled bow, so you won’t have to try and re-earn it in order for you to try and get good perks on it. The Vow is a Solar-aligned bow (so it does fire damage), and comes with the perks Rapid Hit and Archer’s Tempo, both of which are perks that reward precision hits to your enemy’s heads or general weak spots with increased damage and fire rate. Shaxx will also sell it to you at 650 Power, the cap that you can get to for now, which will be handy with Joker’s Wild when it comes out.

Players will also be able to make use of a “Crimson Bond” that they can form with another player, which helps them to gain more resources when they’re playing Crucible with one another, likely in a doubles mode that will be exclusive to the event.

Either way, the Destiny 2 Crimson Days will be staring on February 12 and ending on February 19, rather than running all month like other holiday events do.