Datamined Destiny 2 Cutscene Shows Another Side To Hero Saint-14

A new datamined Destiny 2 cutscene has given players a flipped perspective on one of the game’s major NPCs, the Titan Saint-14. While Saint-14 is a hero of the Last City, to the Fallen players now work alongside in the Season of the Splicer, he is something far more sinister.

In the backstory of the Destiny universe, the great orb known as the Traveler had previously worked alongside the Fallen, called Eliksni, before abandoning them to flee the Hive. The Fallen followed the Traveler to Earth and attempted to reclaim it, only to be defeated, while Saint-14 pursued them. Among his deeds during this time, Saint-14 killed the Kell of the House of Devils by headbutting it with his famous helm, earning him the title “Kellbreaker.”

In a newly datamined Destiny 2 cutscene, Eliksni NPC Mithraax tells players of Saint-14’s rampage against the Fallen, and the horror they felt fighting something that wouldn’t stay down if killed and would brutally kill any Eliksni that it could get its hands on.

In general, despite showing Saint-14 as a monster, the cutscene still carries a message of hope, as Mithraax says that both sides must learn to live alongside their monsters if they are to survive the Darkness that now invades the Solar System.

The currently-running Destiny 2 season, Season of the Splicer, has the players working closely alongside the Eliksni of the House of Light as they now face a new threat in the Vex, who have plunged the Last City into an eternal night as an old threat from the first Destiny, the Vault of Glass, re-activates.

While Guardians have already struck a tense alliance with the Cabal, the Fallen, being the premiere enemy faction on Earth, is a far more visible and prevalent enemy. And with the season’s story going the way it is, the divide between accepting the Eliksni and killing them may tear the City apart. You can watch the datamined Destiny 2 cutscene for yourself by following this link.