How To Unlock Eviscerator In Darktide

In Darktide, when it comes to the Zealot Preacher class, The Eviscerator is your best bet in terms of weapons. The Eviscerator is a two-handed chainsword with some beefy damage potential. Who in the world wants to miss out on a weapon this potent?

No sane man will ever want to leave this weapon. You’ll almost certainly be after the highly sought-after Eviscerator, so let us help you out and explain how you can unlock and use The Eviscerator in Warhammer 40K Darktide

How to unlock Eviscerator in Darktide

When it comes to offense in Darktide, there are numerous options available, ranging from swords to assault rifles and even bolt guns. Among these, the Eviscerator stands out. The Eviscerator is the final weapon for the Zealot class, so it’s no surprise that it’s the best.

The Eviscerator is the ultimate weapon for melee. So, if you enjoy melee playstyle, you have every reason to go for the Eviscerator.

Now coming on how to unlock the Eviscerator in Warhammer 40000: Darktide, it’s quite simple, but you may have to grind a lot depending on your current level of the Zealot class.

The Eviscerator unlocks as you progress to Level 11 of the Zealot class. It’s quite some leveling to do but it is what it is.

So get ready to grind because the best things don’t come sitting around. Once you are at level 11 of the Zealot class, the Eviscerator will be available for purchase in the shops. Simply head over to any of the shops and buy the Eviscerator to begin crushing your opponents.

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