Darksiders Genesis Shows Full Potential Within 24 Minutes

Releasing as a prequel to the original Darksiders trilogy, Darksiders Genesis has presented the full potential of the game within just 24 minutes.

The full demo for Darksiders Genesis was presented during E3 2019 and showed us an action-packed RPG focusing on the main protagonist Strife, who faces countless demons. Teaming up with the horsemen, Strife must prevent Lucifer from upsetting the balance between good and evil and ultimately, destroying the world.

The prequel gives us a fresh outlook and concept for the franchise, creating an opportunity for new titles of this style in the future.

From watching the gameplay, we can see Darksiders Genesis has a lot to offer. There is tight and punchy combat with a mix of twin-stick shooting and melee. There’s also plenty of cool skills to use and unlock and quality to the level design.

Reaction to Darksiders Genesis gameplay has been largely positive, though some have pointed out a similarity between the game and the Diablo series. Most notably, the isometric-camera action. The only difference, however, is that while Diablo kept players on the ground, Darksiders Genesis takes it to the sky with Strife and his accomplice War.

Despite this, gameplay for Darksiders Genesis has proved to work well with the Diablo formula. To elaborate, two of the four horseman – War and Strife. Fans have appreciated the game in the Diablo-like style for being able to switch on the fly between firearm attacks of Strife and the Chaos Eater sword fights with War.

However, it has also be questioned as to why players can only play War and Strife out of the horsemen, to which it is due to development and the fact that balancing two horsemen is challenging enough as is – even more so in the sky, let alone on the ground.

Original creative director of Darksiders, Joe Madureira, told Gaming Instincts that the prequel is “a really good introduction to people that maybe have not played any of the Darksiders games that can jump in with no prior knowledge of the series.”

Darksiders Genesis is slated for release later this year.