Darksiders Genesis Puzzles Guide

Darksiders Genesis is a game that is filled with surprises, action and of course; puzzles. Each chapter has its own puzzle that you need to solve in order to access certain areas and progress further in the story. Our Darksiders Genesis Puzzles guide will lead you to each of these puzzles and help you solve them.

Solving these will also allow you to make use of certain tools you acquire throughout your playthrough. These puzzles aren’t overly complicated so you should be able to solve them fairly quickly. However, for your convenience, we’ve gone over every puzzle in each chapter along with its solution.

Darksiders Genesis Puzzles

Trickster Door Puzzle
You need to search for this key in order to open the Trickster Door and access the void in Chapter 1.

The Trickster Key is located north from the center of the Fortress Path. Open up and take a look at your map. There is a fork splits two ways; north and slightly north-west.

Take the former and head up straight north until you reach the area filled with lava on the ground.

There is a wooden bridge there that you can carefully walk across to collect the key. With the key in hand, you can finally access the Trickster Door.

Void Gate Puzzle
During this section of Chapter 1, you will first have to acquire an item known as the Vorpal Blade, that you need to have in order to solve puzzles.

You will find it by destroying an object in the middle of a round and red platform.

Once you’ve acquired the Vorpal Blade, head to the right by double jumping between platforms until you reach the main center hall of the Void where the puzzle is.

Hit the blue button with the blade in order to open up the gate next to it. Enter it and then grapple up once you get a prompt to do so.

You will then get to a platform that has two blue buttons that you also need to hit with the Vorpal Blade.

As soon as this is done, jump up when there is a sufficient gust of air so that you can be lifted up to the next platform that has a flame and lanterns on it.

With the help of the Vorpal Blade, select the flame and then aim at the Lanterns to target them. Once you throw it, it will light up the lanterns and open a new location.

Slag Heap Signs
Before you can face the Slag Demon in a boss fight in Chapter 2, you need to solve a puzzle in the Slag Heap area.

You need to make your way through three different sections of this area by crushing enemies an activating signs. The boss fight awaits you at the end of this task.

Getting to the Dungeon
You will need two players for this Chapter 3 puzzle. Head to the path in the Furnace and proceed forward until you reach the gate with huge spikes.

There is a large pillar on the left with a blue lever. Jump onto it to lower the lever which will cause the spikes to go away for a brief moment.

Quickly jump back and take advantage of this opportunity to climb up the gate.

You need to then press two levers at the same time so get the other player to interact with one while you focus on the other one. This will complete this Darksiders Genesis puzzle and allow you to proceed to the dungeon.

Temple Dungeon Puzzle
In order to open up and enter the temple dungeon in Chapter 4, you will have to light four fire beacons with your Vorpal Blade.

You do this by aiming your blade at the flame and then at the pillars. Do this for all four beacons until your pathway is opened up and you can proceed onwards.

Void Bomb
You will need the Void Bomb to complete Chapter 4. This throwable item must be flung at the wall that has a purple mark which signifies a portal entrance, and then you need to throw another one towards the other portal sign.

It will be just ahead on the other side of the platform. This will open up a portal that you can use to get to your target location.

When you beat the Molten Hound and get to the gate at the end of the chapter, you have to use the Void Bomb on both the portal gates.

Gate Puzzle
This Chapter 6 puzzle involves a gate which has a total of six buttons on its sides. The only way to open up the gate is to press the right buttons with your Vorpal Blade.

Since you’re reading this guide, you clearly don’t want to go through the process of trial and error so simply hit the farthest button on the left, and then the first button on the right.

Once the gate is open for a few seconds, immediately hurl one of the nearby bombs at the target inside and this will open the gate on the top level.

Crystal Keys
You will need a couple of Crystal Keys to access the gate in the main area of Chapter 7.

From this area, you have to use Void Bombs on the portals to open them up and then throw Bomb Growths inside to destroy the wall and open up a new path. This path will lead you to a Crystal Key.

You can find the other Crystal Key by heading to the hidden wall that is right of the gate. After entering, you will need to clear the area of the enemies you encounter and then you will come across another puzzle.  

Attack the portal gats with Void Bombs before lowering the gate with the button on the ground.

Once that’s done, fling your Valor Blade into the portal that was initially being barred by the gate, and it will hit a trigger that will give you access to the second Crystal Key.

Waterways Puzzle
When you get to the area that has poisonous water in Chapter 8, you will have to get rid of it in order to proceed.

You can drain the water by opening the 4 valves so that the water can flow out of the area.

There are two valves behind and on top of the waterfall. The third one is by the pipes while the fourth one is hidden behind a wall and you can get to it by demolishing the wall Bomb Growths.

Sphere Puzzle
A new item will help you finish the puzzle in Chapter 11. You will have to use the Aether Spark to move the sphere along the blue lines and into the yellow object.

Treasure Chest Puzzle
In Chapter 14, you will have to get on to a moving platform and stay on it until you spot a huge pillar to your right.

Jump off the platform and use the Valor Blade to press the blue button.  Proceed to the lower levels of this location until you get to portal gates.

You can make a way for yourself to jump in by throwing a Void Bomb and when you’ve gained sufficient elevation; hit the button on your right to open up the location of the Treasure Chest and complete the puzzle.