Darksiders Genesis Nephilim Vindicator Boss Guide

Defeat the Nephilim Vindicator in Darksiders Genesis as you complete the Chapter 11 of the game and earn yourself some nice loot

Darksiders Genesis consists of multiple mini-bosses that you come across throughout the game. In this guide we’ll be talking about a boss you’ll encounter in chapter 11 of the game, known as Nephilim Vindicator along with tips on how to defeat him and the reward you receive afterward. Read on for Darksiders Genesis Nephilim Vindicator Boss guide.

Darksiders Genesis Nephilim Vindicator Boss

Nephilim Vindicator is one of the bosses you encounter during Chapter 11 of Genesis. Simply complete the mission objectives to reach the adversary. This boss is quite easy to handle as only avoiding minions and shooting at Nephilim Vindicator can take him down.

If for some reason you do find yourself being overwhelmed with minions, switch to Strife to gain some distance and kill a few of them. Make sure to perform finishers whenever the prompt appears on a minion to get better loot.

However, what makes this boss so dangerous is the energy beam he creates which causes a great amount of damage to your hero. This boss may throw bombs at you which can easily be spotted therefore, stay put!

Be sure to use Chaos/Anarchy to defeat the boss’s companions as it causes the companions to receive damage very quickly. Also, by using the Chaos/Anarchy you’ll recover your own character along with damaging the opponent.

Once you kill Nephilim Vindicator, you’ll take down his allies with him. After defeating the Boss, you’ll be rewarded with a Nephilim Core. Simply dodge his moves, take down his allies and receive the reward.


The Nephelim Core grants you a 5% chance to trigger a 2m void explosion on any hit. This void explosion deals a little bit of damage to all enemies in a small area so it can be quite useful to escape when you are overwhelmed.

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