Darksiders Genesis Molten Hound Boss Guide

In the Darksiders Genesis, you will face a boss in every chapter in order to get through the main storyline and continue your journey in order to get to the next chapter. Molten Hound is what you will face in chapter 4 of the Darksiders Genesis. Here we have a Darksiders Genesis Molten Hound Boss guide for you to win this boss fight.

Darksiders Genesis Molten Hound Boss

As you go ahead in chapter 4 through a narrow runway and go to a stage which is in the air from all four sides, you will see four demons firing up the Hound to become the Molten Hound and this will be the boss that you will be fighting.

Go ahead and as you enter the arena, your way back will be blocked with spikes and all you can do now is fight.

This is not a very difficult boss and you can take it down easily with just a little bit of consistency.

Make sure to keep a distance from it as its close counter attacks are very strong and powerful.

What you need to do is make a safe distance when it starts to charge its attacks and we recommend you to use War as it is your best option because of the strong attacks and you will be able to eliminate the Hound and its minions quickly.

Keep an eye for its most dangerous attack the fire breathing and make sure to dodge it at any cost.

There is this jump attack that is very dangerous when you are in its range, so make sure to get away from the hound when it is starting to jump in the air as it will make your character stunned and damaged by the wave of fire.

Molten Hound will also summon lots of minions as well, so make sure to eliminate them as soon as they appear to lower the pressure and keep your focus on the boss itself.

It is not a difficult fight if you take control of your nerves and use all the available attacks carefully and wherever it is required.

So this is all you need to know about defeating the Molten Hound Boss.