Darksiders Genesis Moloch Boss Guide

Darksiders Genesis consists of various challenging boss enemies you will face throughout the gameplay. One such enemy is Moloch, the final boss of the game. If you are having difficulty in defeating this demon, follow our Darksiders Genesis Moloch Boss fight guide to get a better understanding of its moves and the ultimate Moloch tips and tricks to put him down.

Darksiders Genesis Moloch Boss

Being the final fight in Darksiders Genesis, you will find Moloch to be quite the challenge compared to your previous encounters in the game.

To defeat Moloch, Ashworm becomes a useful creature core. This creature core will help you by giving a significant advantage to both attack power and wrath power. Using this while combating Moloch helps to dodge attacks and create maximum damage possible.

First Phase of Moloch Boss Fight

As Moloch is the final boss in the game that you’ll have to combat, it becomes crucial for you to come up with the right strategies. Moloch is bigger and way stronger than you are so you must dodge his attacks. To be able to do so, you’ll need to observe his attack pattern.

As soon as the boss fight starts and Moloch comes down in the arena, you’ll notice him being aggressive and wasting no time at all to slash you. The best way for you to escape his damaging slashes is to make sure that you always maintain a favorable amount of distance from Moloch and try not to get cornered into a wall.

If you find yourself racked up against the wall, there is a good chance you probably will not live to tell the tale.

At the initial stage of the fight, Moloch will only use the standard melee attacks against you. To combat those, you should parry with War or Evade with Strife.

It is recommended that you always kite him in the middle of the arena, dodge his attacks and avoid getting cornered by Moloch. Be patient with Moloch, as soon as you get an opening to engage him, do it. Attack whenever you can so you can deal as much damage as you can.

Repeat the process while avoiding Moloch’s attacks as much as possible.

Second Phase of Moloch Boss Fight

Once you bring Moloch’s health down a notch, the boss will enter its second phase and Moloch will start using AoE attacks with spikes popping through the grounds.

These spikes will appear as pink crystals on the ground.  To avoid the damage, you can dodge these by simply jumping over them. You also can also parry with war and dash away.

As Moloch is using the crystal spikes to attack you, you’ll also notice that he’s also walling them around you to trap you. If you find yourself trapped, hurry up and destroy the crystal or else they’ll blow up and kill you. To destroy them, you should use Tremor Gauntlet.

Avoid hitting any crystal because that will make you an easy standing target for Moloch, and you do not want that because this mistake is going to cost you your entire progress. In conclusion, avoid anything that glows.

Third Phase of Moloch Boss Fight

After Moloch has used the tactics to enclose you in the explosive crystals, he’ll now start spreading them around you by shooting several at once. By doing so, he’ll cover you from all spots and explode them to kill you.

The best way for you to avoid them is to keep circling in the arena or keep running in different directions to avoid contact with any explosion. Also, make sure that throughout the fight you are recovering your health whenever you get the chance; even the tiniest bar of health can make a difference in the long-term.

The only best way for you to take him down is to dodge his attacks and keep shooting at him. Keep switching between the types of shots and do everything possible to deteriorate his health.

Final Stage

As his health bar is approaching the end, he’ll start aggressively throwing the crystals in a linear pattern and also several at a time but this time these pink crystals will be double the amount as the last time. These crystals will also throw lasers up to the sky. The best tip yet again is to move in different directions and avoid any walls while launching different attacks his way.

After non-stop attacks towards Moloch and dodging his counterattacks, you’ll finally drop his health bar to its lowest point and return to the Void where you’ll watch the final cut scene.

Moloch Core

After you kill an enemy in Darksiders Genesis, there are chances that you’ll acquire a part of their soul called the Creature Core. The Creature Core helps you arrange the Creature Core skill tree and obtain some new perks.

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