Darksiders Genesis Hollow Fiend Boss Guide

Learn how to take on and defeat the first Darksiders Genesis boss, the Hollow Fiend with the help of our useful tips in this guide

Throughout your journey in Darksiders Genesis, you will have to engage in combat with a variety of foes. There are also some boss fights and the first one is against the Hollow Fiend. You will come across this boss at the end of the first chapter. This Darksiders Genesis Hollow Fiend Boss guide will help you tackle the Hollow Fiend.

Darksiders Genesis Hollow Fiend Boss

Once you pass through the fog door, the path behind you will be shut. You cannot turn back so take out the three enemies you encounter and move forward.

Once you go a bit ahead, a cutscene will trigger in which the Hollow Fiend will rise up from below and some spikes will form up behind you to block your path back. This is where the Darsiders Genesis Grinner Boss fight begins.

How to Defeat Grinner

This fight consists of you keeping your distance from the Hollow Fiend while you shoot him. This makes Strife the perfect choice to defeat grinner in Darksiders genesis.

The enemy will sweep the battlefield with its paw swing attack. Dodge it by moving away from its range and then continue shooting at the monster.

Another attack to watch out for is the explosions that the Hollow Fiend will cause over the fight area.


You must dodge this by moving away from the location where the first shot landed. If you don’t dodge it on time, it will do quite a bit of damage to you.

The final thing to watch out for is the Hollow Fiend’s lava attack. The boss will set the entire area ablaze with the lava that it shoots from its horns.

Look for the spaces that aren’t covered in fire and try maneuvering between them to avoid taking damage.

All the while don’t let down your rate of fire. The more damage you do, the quicker you can take down the boss and save yourself.

The Hollow Fiend also has help from a few minions. You should kill them immediately since they will drop a bunch of health orbs that will make your survival more certain during this battle.

Plus, you don’t want to have to deal with too many enemies at once so it is better to dispose of them as soon as you can before focusing your efforts on the big guy.

Keep repeating the aforementioned patterns of dodging and attacking to defeat the Hollow Fiend. Once it is down, you can collect the Mysterious Object and continue the story.

Hollow Fiend Creature Core

You will get the Hollow Fiend Creature core as a reward for killing the grinner boss. You can then slot the core into your Create Core skill tree to grant yourself increase attacking power.

You will first get the Hollow Fiend Major Creature Core when you first defeat the first boss during Dethroned. After that, defeat the Hollow Fiend again and again to get 7% attack power at level 2 and 15% attack power at level 3.