Darksiders Genesis Grinner Boss Guide

Darksiders Genesis serves as a prequel as it takes place years before Darksiders, Darksiders II & Darksiders III. It is a spin-off to the main series. One of the major bosses players will face in the game is Grinner, in chapter 11. In this Darksiders Genesis Grinner Boss guide, we have for you details and tips on how to defeat this monstrosity and emerge victorious from this boss fight.

Darksiders Genesis Grinner Boss

In Darksiders Genesis, you will encounter Grinner in the eleventh chapter.

As you complete the different objectives in chapter 11, you will at last reach an arena where you will face Grinner Boss.

When you reach the arena, Grinner will appear from a void in the floor and the fight will start.

He will jump at you to attack you. Be careful as he can throw you off the arena. If you fall down the arena, you will have to make your way up again to continue the fight. Falling down will not result in your death.

Grinner will fire a beam of energy which will have a huge range of fire. To escape it, jump over it to get around.

Grinner also has an attack where a shower of energy will come down on you. To escape this, move out of the radius of the shower.

Strife is the best choice for this fight. The boss pushes you away by using various attacks – Grinner can swing his arms or jump.

Dodge these attacks and keep firing at him to weaken him. The boss has very few health points so keep the dodge and fire combo. Eventually, Grinner will fall down, and the fight will end.

After the fight, a small dialogue between Strife and War will take place. After that, Darksiders Genesis Chapter 11 will be completed.

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