Darksiders Genesis Dagon Boss Guide

Face off against yet another boss that calls down storms on you, Dagon, shortly after defeating Stormcaller in Darksiders Genesis

After defeating Stormcaller, players can proceed to Chapter 13 of Darksiders Genesis. At the end of Chapter 13, players will face off against Dagon and this boss fight can be quite tough. In this Darksiders Genesis Dagon Boss guide, we have for you all the tips to face off against Dagon and win the boss fight.

Darksiders Genesis Dagon Boss

As mentioned above, you will fight Dagon in Chapter 13 of Genesis. As you make your way through completing different objectives, you will reach a waterfall area.

Loot the chest and then jump ahead to another platform. There will be a whirlpool at the other end of the platform.

Head into the whirlpool. This will take you to another area where you will fight Dagon. He will shout ‘I am the Storm’ and the fight will begin.

Dagon will be a big boss and it will be very difficult to kill it. Your best option is to face off Dagon as Strife, as it will be easier to dodge Dagon’s attack with him.

Also, his weapons will allow you to attack and shoot the boss from range. This will be helpful in dodging Dagon’s different attacks.

Dagon will be able to create a shield that will protect him from your attacks. All your attacks will be useless during this time.

Don’t attack Dagon when he is protected by the shield. Try to restore your hp or kill the minion helpers until his shield is gone.

Dagon will also have a storm attack. The storm is difficult to dodge. The wave of the storm will throw you off if you aren’t careful.

To avoid falling, you will need to jump and attack the boss. During the fight, Dagon will also summon minion reinforcements and create whirlpools that will suck you in and weaken you.

After you weaken Dagon to certain health, he will start shooting lighting. Avoid these attacks by continuously moving during the attack.

The boss will also create that shoot electricity at you. To stop them, you will have to destroy them.

To have the best chance to defeat Dagon, use Anarchy/Chaos as much as possible. This will make the fight much easier. It will also heal your character.

After you defeat Dagon, a small cutscene will play. After that, your Darksiders Genesis chapter 13 will be completed.

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