Darksiders Genesis Blight Cannon Boss Guide

Once you’ve completed all the mission objectives for Chapter 8 in Darksiders Genesis, you’ll be given the task of defeating the boss of this chapter. The boss, known as Blight Cannon is quite an interesting one in appearance as it does not represent a demon you might be familiar with. In this Darksiders Genesis Blight Cannon Boss guide, we’ll explain how to tackle this challenge, and how to come out victorious.

Darksiders Genesis Blight Cannon Boss

The Blight Cannon is a large, ornate mechanism that spews out green poison from multiple directions.

The mechanism has multiple faces (4, in total) and it is from the mouths of these faces that the poison emanates from.

Keep a close eye on where these faces are pointing, that way you’ll know exactly where the poison will come from.

Use Strife’s many abilities to stay one step ahead and dodge any incoming attack.

In all honesty, the threat isn’t necessarily the Blight Cannon itself, the real threat are all the minions that are spawned in to make this boss fight as hellish of an experience as possible.

The main purpose of these minor enemies is to push you into the path of the poisonous substances.

You’ll have to fend off against these smaller minions while simultaneously dodging any incoming poison… and do damage to the Blight Cannon.

Any ol’ attack will work against the Blight Cannon, but if you want to precipitate the outcome, then we recommend activating Chaos/Anarchy and using that to inflict as much damage as possible; you’ll also stun the Blight Cannon, which will prove to be a great help once you deactivate Chaos/Anarchy.

There’s not much else to this boss fight. To summarize: The Blight Cannon will spew poisonous substance from its many orifices and will send out countless minor enemies to push you into the path of the aforementioned poisonous substance.

You need to avoid the poison while defending yourself against the smaller enemies, and inflicting as much damage on the Blight Cannon as possible.

Once the Blight Cannon has been defeated, you’ll be rewarded with a new Core, and will have successfully completed Chapter 8.