Darksiders Genesis Belial Boss Guide

During the Chapter 9 of Darksiders Genesis, you will come face-to-face with Belial. A large, rotund creature, whose size and girth belie his agility and power. You’ll need all the help you can get to beat him, and that’s what this Darksiders Genesis Belial Boss guide is here to do.

Darksiders Genesis Belial Boss

Due to his surprising agility, we recommend that you switch between characters as often as possible to increase your chances of not getting hit. Strife’s abilities will be of great benefit to you in this endeavor.

Belial carries with him a large trident. Because of the said trident, he has immense reach.

You’ll need to keep your distance and always be ready to dodge as he can lunge forward with the trident and get you when you least expect it.

Furthermore, Belial has a habit of teleporting to your location, so if you see him vanish into a portal beneath where he was standing, get ready to dodge.

One of Belial’s primary attacks is a burning punch that can be shot from a distance. This is a deadly attack and one that must be avoided at all costs.

If the attack doesn’t kill you immediately, it will stun you for long enough for Belial to perform a follow-up attack, and that, most assuredly, will kill you.

Be vigilant of his tail as well. Belial has a habit of quickly turning around and sweeping his tail in your direction.

The attack can push you back and leave you wide open for a follow-up. Be ready to dodge if you see him getting ready to turn.

It doesn’t stop there, Belial will also swing his massive trident around, trying to trip you up. The best way to overcome this is to jump straight up into the air.

Dodging may not yield the best results, but jumping will 100% of the time save you from getting hit.

After doing some damage, Belial will retreat to a corner and put up a massive shield. You can use these few seconds of reprieve to heal yourself.

Don’t waste too much time, as Belial will summon minions that will sacrifice themselves to him and help him restore health.

You’ll need to kill these minor enemies before they have a chance to reach Belial. Don’t dawdle and be as swift as possible.

As you progress deeper into the battle, Belial will start using more and more powerful attacks. One of which involves him striking his trident down onto the ground and sending out lines of fire in every direction.

You’ll need to situate yourself between the lines to not get hit, otherwise, you’ll be sent plummeting to the outskirts of the stage.

At the sides of the arena, there are two artifacts that send out beams of power. One of these beams gives Belial more strength, while the other restores his health.

You have the option of destroying these artifacts, but we recommend not doing so as it takes a great deal of time, and it leaves you wide open for attack.

This is a battle of attrition. You’ll need to dodge as frequently as you can, while simultaneously getting a hit in.

Take your time to understand each of Belial’s attacks and look for an opening during the boss fight.

Get as many hits in as you can through those openings, and you’ll be able to cinch this fight eventually. It’ll prove to be a long one but with tenacity and perseverance, you’ll get through it.