Darksiders Genesis Astarte Boss Guide

After completing the mission objectives for Chapter 10, players will find themselves engaging in combat against Astarte, the boss of Chapter 10. Astarte will prove herself to be a formidable opponent, one that players should not underestimate. To aid you in combat, this Darksiders Genesis Astarte Boss guide will go through the ins and outs of her arsenal and repertoire, making the task of defeating her all the more easier.

Darksiders Genesis Astarte Boss

Astarte boss fight essentially has two phases, both being fairly predictable. However, if you mess up during either phase, it could spell doom for you. Before we get into the phases, let’s breakdown Astarte’s Abilities.

Astarte’s Abilities

Astarte has three main abilities which you should keep in mind throughout the fight:

Light Spear

Astarte has a spear which she will use in the fight. The spear is very powerful and forms a trail of light when used. This spear can cause serious damage if you can in contact with it.

Great Speed

She is very fast in the fight and travels very quickly. One of the reasons for that is her wings and legs. She can fight on the ground and in the air well.

Summoning Minions

She has the ability to summon minions whenever she finds herself in a pinch. Astarte uses these minions to distract you and aid her in the fight.

How to Defeat Astarte

First Phase

The first phase involves Astarte running circles around the bonfire. While doing so, she will hurl projectiles in your direction.

The best way to counter this tactic is to get on horseback and run alongside her, attacking every chance you get.

At no point will Astarte take up a different approach; keep attacking until you’ve depleted a quarter of her health. When you’ve done so, the fight will take a turn.

Once she’s lost a quarter of her health, Astarte will stumble. She will quickly recover and go into hiding. This is where the second phase of the fight begins.

Second Phase

When she’s surreptitiously made her egress, she will summon her minions to fight you in her stead. You will be forced to fight and defeat each one of her minions before she decides to reveal herself.

To make quick work of her minions, we recommend activating your Chaos/Anarchy abilities and using them efficiently. It would be a waste to use this on Astarte, best to save it for her minions.

Once all of her minions have been dealt with, Astarte will reenter the stage. She will encircle the bonfire once more however, this time she will be up in the air.

You’ll need to be on horseback to remain close to her and shoot her with whatever projectiles you have at hand.

The most challenging part about this phase (which lasts for the remainder of the battle) is that more of Astarte’s minions will appear throughout the battle. They’ll attempt to throw you off your steed and leave you vulnerable for one of Astarte’s more powerful attacks.

You’ll have to deal with Astarte and her minions simultaneously, a feat easier said than done. However, if you keep at it and remain steadfast, you’ll eventually wear her down and defeat Astarte.


Successfully taking down Astarte will reward you with a new Core and Darksiders Genesis Chapter 10 will end. In the end, a cutscene is played and once it is over a you’ll receive the Astarte achievement / Trophy.