Darksiders 4 Might Be Coming As New Promo Art Released

What might be a new piece of Darksiders promo art has reignited discussion over when Darksiders 4 will be coming out.

Back in 2018, Gunmetal Games released Darksiders 3, the long-awaited next entry in the Darksiders series of action RPG games. Now, it seems like Darksiders 4 might be on the horizon, according to a piece of Darksiders promo art that was recently posted by an artist named Anton Lavrushkin on his ArtStation account.

Darksiders fans immediately pounced on the art, claiming that it looked very similar to Lilith, one of the mothers of the race known as Nephilim that the Four Horsemen are part of, and who they killed to cement their loyalty to the Charred Council. While nothing is confirmed yet, this could still be a big news drop.

The Darksiders series focuses around the aftermath of Armageddon, where due to the actions of angels and demons the end of the world happened too early, leaving humanity extinct and causing one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, War, to be blamed. The first game ended with the other Horsemen coming to War’s aid, but we don’t know if we’ll pick up that story thread again anytime soon.

Each Darksiders game has focused on a separate Horseman as they adventure through Creation to overcome certain threats, with War, Death, and Fury being portrayed so far. While Strife, the fourth, was a main character in the side-game Darksiders: Genesis, he has yet to get a game of his own, so Darksiders 4 might focus around him.

However, again, nothing is confirmed yet. While Gunmetal Games developed Darksiders 3 under THQ Nordic, for instance, we may not even be getting them as the developers for Darksiders 4. If the person in Lavrushkin’s art is actually Lilith, however, we might be reaching a culmination of the story arc at some point in the future.

Hopefully THQ Nordic has some Darksiders-related announcements at some gaming event in the near future, but until then all we can do is wait and hope that something actually is announced later.

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